Sir Apfelot newsreel week 9, 2023

And it's Friday again. Time for another Sir Apfelot newsreel. In this issue you will find out which Apple and tech news I noticed in calendar week 9 of the year 2023. Among other things, these reports are included: First official warning about cell broadcast, Google Chrome optimized for M chips, TikTok shows youth protection mechanisms, discussions about generative AI, iPhone 15 with USB-C restrictions, iPhone 16 Pro with Face ID below the display, iPhone SE 4 planned for 2024, and more.

In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 9 of 2023 you will find the following messages, among others: First cell broadcast warning sent in Lübeck, GIMP exports to JPEG XL, Bluesky Social as a late Twitter alternative, discussions about generative AI, TikTok shows youth protection mechanisms up, iPhone 15, iPhone 16 and iPhone SE 4 rumors, plus some more!
In the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 9 of 2023 you will find the following messages, among others: First cell broadcast warning sent in Lübeck, GIMP exports to JPEG XL, Bluesky Social as a late Twitter alternative, discussions about generative AI, TikTok shows youth protection mechanisms up, iPhone 15, iPhone 16 and iPhone SE 4 rumors, plus some more!

Shortly after introduction: Cell broadcast sends out first warning

Cell broadcast describes the sending of an official warning, an emergency alarm or similarly urgent information via the mobile network. In Germany it was discussed due to faulty alternatives (apps, warning sirens, etc.) and tested in December 2022 (we reported here and here). After this test, the warning system was officially implemented by the mobile network operators on February 23, 2023. Just two days later, on Saturday, February 25, 2023, there was already the first official warning in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck via cell broadcast, warning of flooding. I became aware of this through a Entry from the iPhone ticker.

JPEG XL as an officially supported format in GIMP

The JPEG XL file format with the .jxl extension is intended to replace the JPEG format (.jpeg) introduced in 1992 in the long term. I have already summarized why and how for you here: What is JPEG XL? – In addition to theoretical information on the new graphics format, the article also deals with its implementation in various programs. Some of them, especially a few web browsers, JPEG XL was already supported experimentally, but was then removed from the list of supported formats. But that doesn't cause rejection across the board, like a Article from heise online shows. After this, the free graphics program can now GIMP officially deal with JPEG XL.

Google Chrome: Up to 18 hours of YouTube on the 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 chip

And while we're on the topic of browsers: The latest version of Google Chrome is supposed to be included on the MacBook Pro M2 chip and 13-inch display ensure that YouTube can be watched for up to 18 hours in battery mode. Alternatively, 17 hours of Internet browsing are possible. Google itself reports this in one Post of the Chromium blog. In the data sheet of the device, the manufacturer Apple states that up to 17 hours of wireless surfing (with Safari) would be possible. Google therefore presents the Chrome browser in the new macOS version as particularly efficient. The background to this is shown in the Google article: frame, timer and structure optimizations.

Bluesky Social - Twitter alternative from the Twitter founder

Jack Dorsey, the founder and former CEO of Twitter, has brought his own Twitter alternative to the App Store: Bluesky Social. The social network, which is modeled on Twitter in several respects and uses the specially developed "Authenticated Transfer Protocol" (AT-Protocol), may be too late. Because of the many negative headlines about Twitter under Elon Musk, quite a few people have already migrated to Mastodon or similar networks in Fediverse. You also need an invitation to register with Bluesky Social (currently still), which is quite exclusive. "In the best case, parts of the AT protocol also end up in the Mastodon community and thus help to improve exchanges within it," it says because of that here with the iPhone ticker.

TikTok restricts access for minors and shows other protective mechanisms

Probably in order to prepare for upcoming regulations of the European Union, TikTok introduces an access restriction for minors and points out further protection mechanisms. In the official press release on the subject, it is discussed that minors only have free access to the app for 60 minutes a day. There is another 30 minutes by entering a code (which is determined by the parents in the case outlined). Furthermore, accounts of 13 to 15 year old users are set to “Private” by default. Direct messages can only be sent from the age of 16. Live broadcasts are only possible from the age of 18. You can find more protection features in the linked press release.

Generative AI: Ethics discourse and limitation in the App Store

The restriction of the use of software is still important with regard to generative AI, i.e. artificial intelligence that can create its own content from learned patterns and models. In addition to image generators (keyword "Stable Diffusion") and text generators (keyword "ChatGPT") as individual technologies, this includes apps that integrate these technologies into their range of functions. This week it was about a set of rules on ethics and transparency that was signed by OpenAI, Adobe, TikTok and other companies (Which). Furthermore, Apple has determined that an update of the BlueMail app, which implements the text AI ChatGPT, will only be permitted in the App Store if it has a 17+ age restriction (Which).

Several new stories in the Apple Newsroom

After the release of Information on current and future studies, which include the Apple Watch in the data collection, it was briefly quiet in the Apple Newsroom. Yesterday, however, three new reports were published at once - a press release on the expansion of chip design in Germany, an update on the Women's Health Study on research on menstruation, and a feature on iPhone photography by Axel Morin. You can find the individual content here: 

  • Apple accelerates investments in Germany with an additional one billion euros for the expansion of its European Center for Chip Design: Read here
  • Preliminary findings from the Apple Women's Health Study are helping advance the discussion and science surrounding menstrual cycles: Read here
  • The photographer Axel Morin reflects on his further development in iPhone photography: Read here

Apple iPhone 16 Pro: Face ID should be installed under the display from 2024

On the same day that a supply chain report reported hiding the "Face ID" elements under the display of the iPhone 16 Pro, Apple was also accidentally awarded the patent for the technology designed to do so. This reports e.g. B. 9to5Mac in one Article. The specialist magazine refers to several sources, such as the analyst Ross Young (here) and the website Patently Apple (here). In the latter source, some sketches of the patent are shown and various details are given, which make the technology shown easier to understand. MacRumors also offers one Post on the subject, which also deals with the fact that the FaceTime camera should be installed under the display from 2026 (iPhone 18 Pro).

iPhone 15: USB-C connection yes, unrestricted use no

In addition to the iPhones of the coming years, the focus is currently increasingly on the iPhone 15, which is expected for autumn 2023. This is said to be the first iPhone to no longer have a Lightning connector, but (like the iPad lineup) to have a USB-C connector as a physical interface. However, this should not deviate from the MFi program and restrictions on the use of third-party accessories mean how about at this point at 9to5Mac is called. Instead, it's supposed to be Apple-certified USB-C cable exist, without which there is a throttling of the data transfer rate and possibly other compatibility problems. There should also be differences in the iPhone models themselves: USB 2.0 with a maximum of 480 MBit/s for the iPhone 15 (Plus) and USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3 with 20 GBit/s or 40 GBit/s for the iPhone 15 Pro (Max ).

iPhone SE 4 is expected to be launched in 2024

And while fans of the iPhone main series will probably be faced with ever-increasing differences between the standard and Pro models of Apple smartphones from this fall, SE users can hope for a revised model. Because after that iPhone SE 3 from 2022 Although it has become a bit quiet about the "budget iPhone", 2024 is now being thrown into the ring again as a proposal for the release period of a new model. In terms of design, there should be a greater adjustment than in the previous models. The iPhone SE 4 should no longer be based on the iPhone 8 (2017), but on the iPhone 14 (2022). This could increase the display from 4,7 inches to 6,1 inches. The home button with Touch ID will then probably give way to Face ID (Which).

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