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For today's Friday there is of course a brand new Sir Apfelot newsreel. This time I'll show you which Apple and tech news caught my eye so much in calendar week 42 in 2018 that I want to share them with you. Among other things, it's about Winamp, WhatsApp, an outdated web security protocol, the children's channel, Google Maps, and of course Apple, Apple, Apple. To the technology giant Cupertino as well as about its products and services, there was a lot to read again this week. In addition, there are now smart thermal jugs and coffee mugs, which are sold by Apple, among others.

Not only a smart coffee mug, but also Winamp, WhatsApp, a web protocol, Google Maps and the new children's channel app are the subject of this week's Sir Apfelot newsreel.
Not only a smart coffee mug, but also Winamp, WhatsApp, a web protocol, Google Maps and the new children's channel app are the subject of this week's Sir Apfelot newsreel.

Winamp comes back improved in 2019

Maybe of no interest to Mac users, but a reason to get nostalgic for Windows veterans: the Winamp player for MP3 and other music as well as audio files and videos. Although there have been several updates and innovations in the past that have kept the app alive, it could no longer become really cult. That's why the makers have big plans for the version that should come out in 2019 - at least that reports app dangers at this point. In addition to the timely update to version 5.8, the focus in the coming year will be mainly on music streaming and podcasts. So Winamp should be able to take up the fight against Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Co.

WhatsApp bug deletes old messages on iOS  and Android

With the current version of WhatsApp, there is also a bug on iOS and Android devices on which Messenger is installed. This is bad for all those who are stuck with old conversation flows, as it deletes messages that are older than 3 years. Futurezone has details in one Article collected. It also shows possible solutions for all those who want to counter the bug, which basically just clears up. Android users could therefore simply install an older version with a corresponding APK; This does not work on iOS, which is why the solution for the iPhone is "switch off".

KiKa-Player as a new multimedia app for iOS

With some good or very good ratings so far, the KiKA player from ARD and ZDF has been in the App Store for the iOS devices iPhone and iPad for a few days. This enables children and parents to access the public children's offerings with series, reports and shows. With the app, children can sometimes be left alone as it does not contain violence, advertising or in-app purchases. The regular download and use are free. You can find more details about the app, system requirements, offer and usage with this link in the iOS App Store.

[appbox app store id1421189758]

Google Maps now with charging stations for electric cars

Not yet in the desktop version, but in the app for iOS and Android, Google Maps now also offers information on the locations of charging stations for electric vehicles. Among other things, this reports app dangers at this point. It also points out that the feature is much more extensive in the USA, whereas little information is offered in Germany:

While the results in the USA are described in detail for the SemaConnect, EVgo, Blink, Tesla and Chargepoint stations, there is little information in this country. Often there is only the location, sometimes with a precise description of the location. The type of connection or the number of charging plugs is rare. In Germany, only stations from Tesla and Chargepoint are displayed.

Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla say goodbye to TLS 1.0 and 1.1

The market leaders in global computer and Internet technology have agreed to adopt the "Transport Layer Security" (TLS) protocol, which is now 20 years old - at least the first and second versions. The security protocol has now been updated three times, for example to TLS 1.1 in 2006 or to TLS 1.3 in August 2018. In March 2020, Safari will drop support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 on macOS and iOS. Microsoft, Firefox and Google are expected to follow suit around the same period. 9to5Mac has details on the topic and statements from the tech giants collected here.

More and more Apple users are in the phishing sights

Phishing means that fraudsters try to obtain user data from the recipients of the messages via fake e-mails, websites, short messages or the like. The user data (login data such as email address and password) are then used for fraudulent purposes in order to debit the bank account, start blackmail or read out personal data. Fraudsters with phishing scams are currently targeting more and more users of Apple devices. That's what iFun reports in this post with reference to the consumer advice center NRW. In particular, iCloud data has recently been increasingly requested by e-mail. The catch in the mostly English-language text: an alleged login attempt with incorrect data.

Apple comments on the hack in China and stolen user data

Such as MacRumors (here) and 9to5Mac (here) with reference to the Wall Street Journal report, Apple has commented on a major hacking and phishing incident in China. This attack on user data primarily affected those iCloud accounts and the associated data that were not protected by two-factor authentication. This also had financial consequences for those affected, as they had linked their iCloud to the payment services used in China. As a result, up to 2.000 yuan (250 euros) were stolen per user.

MacBook Pro cannot be bought even with an improved keyboard

As "unsold" bezeichnet iFun the new MacBook and MacBook Pro models, whose filigree keyboards have been equipped by Apple with a membrane against crumbs. The contribution is largely fueled by the statements made by Apple user and “The Outline” author Casey Johnston. Her contribution to the deteriorating MacBook models, in which she also brings in statements from other disappointed users, you can find here. The current MacBook family from 2015 to 2018 is not doing well and there is talk of a kind of breach of trust. Understandable if you can no longer use a device properly for a four-digit price due to small crumbs. But maybe an exaggeration when you consider the good range of external keyboards: D

Thermo jug and coffee mug with iPhone and HealthKit connection

Do you want to know how hot your coffee is without having to open the thermo? Or do you want to record how much coffee, tea or hot cocoa you drink during the day? Then you absolutely need the everyday accessories from Ember, which from Apple at this point is offered. For only 150 US dollars you can buy the non-dishwasher-safe coffee utensils, which hold 450 ml and communicate with the iOS device via Bluetooth. Heise offers more detailed information on coffee nonsense from the Internet of Things area with this mac & i post.


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