Sir Apfelot Wochenschau - Apple and Tech News of KW2 2018

Today, January 12th, 2018, it's time for the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 2 of this year. Once again there were reports, news and important news from the Apple and technology sectors, which attracted particular attention at Apfelot this week. Here you will find the individual reports and topic collections of the week with the corresponding sources. If you also have interesting content, please post it in the comments with a (reputable) source;)

The Sir Apfelot Wochenschau for week 2 2018 is about the security of the Mac Store settings in High Sierra, voice assistants as spies, WiFi heat maps created by vacuum cleaners, the CES 2018, iPhone batteries, Pokémon GO for iOS 11, mobile Security and Patents.
The Sir Apfelot Wochenschau for week 2 2018 is about the security of the Mac Store settings in High Sierra, voice assistants as spies, WiFi heat maps created by vacuum cleaners, the CES 2018, iPhone batteries, Pokémon GO for iOS 11, mobile Security and Patents.

macOS security: Mac App Store settings can be changed without a password

Last time, in the newsreel for Calendar week 1 2018, there have been some reports of security vulnerabilities in Apple systems. Now I once again noticed a message stating that there was a security vulnerability in the Mac App Store known is. So it is possible in an administrator account via the system settings (Apple -> System Settings -> App Store) Make changes even if you don't have the password. If you click on the closed lock at the bottom left, you have to enter a password for the admin name - but here you can enter whatever you want, the settings are always enabled. According to ApfelPage, the problem should only occur under macOS 10.13 High Sierra. I've tried it - and it actually works!


Intelligent voice assistants are spies

Another eye catcher this week is one Message from Futurezone, in which a data protection concept is taken up. It's about voice assistants and the corresponding hardware such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and the like - and ultimately also about the Apple HomePod. Because all these devices as well as smartphones with Siri and Google Assistant or computers, smart TVs and the like basically always listen with one ear (or microphone).

"Intelligent language assistants who constantly eavesdrop on their surroundings should be viewed critically from the point of view of data protection“, Is quoted in the article Andrea Vosshoff, the German data protection officer. And not only listening in, but also creating user profiles, movement profiles, learning user habits and preferences, etc. can be viewed critically. Details and alternatives are shown in the post!

Other interesting editions of the newsreel:

iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner can create WiFi heat map

It sounds like a very logical function: the vacuum cleaner robot, which is connected to the smartphone app via WiFi anyway and drives through it to clean the apartment, uses the WiFi data or the signal strength at the individual locations to generate a heat map create. In this way, the user can see without additional devices, apps or his own intervention how the WiFi quality is going in the individual rooms and areas of his apartment. The Roomba models 960 and 980 get the mid-January update, which will activate the feature, reported But since smart home products are always better when they can solve several tasks, you will soon be able to look forward to new functions of autonomous vacuum cleaners.

CES 2018 ends today

From January 9 to 12, 2018, the CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas. The largest trade fair for consumer electronics always shows the latest trends and developments in the market for electronic end-user products at the beginning of the year. Here in the blog there will be one or the other evaluation next week if Apple-relevant topics were included. If you want to read yourself about the topics of the fair, then have a look on this topic page from Heise over. Here are a few highlights of some press conferences with smart TVs, robots, cars and a dog (Sony Aibo):

Overheated iPhone battery causes evacuation

After the big technology event, we come to a smaller but serious technical error (presumably). An Apple store in Zurich was evacuated because an iPhone battery had heated up and began to smoke. An employee who burned his hands while trying to remove the battery and other people were slightly injured. The Swiss police are investigating according to star on the incident that resulted in 50 people being brought to safety as a precaution.

iPhone battery replacement may be delayed

As reported last week, Apple has started a kind of apology campaign for all those affected by the iPhone performance brake, which was accompanied by an iOS update: Batteries of models 6 and younger (6s, SE, 7, 8, X) can be used for only 29 euros instead of 89 euros can be exchanged. However, that also means: big rush. Logically, this quickly results in a lack of sufficient batteries to replace. How CHIP citing The Verge and this editorial in turn in relation to MacRumors reports that the battery replacement for the iPhone is delayed, especially in the USA, but also in other regions, such as Europe. If you have an iPhone 6 or 6s Plus, you have to wait until February; With an iPhone 6 Plus, replacing the battery can be postponed until April. Details in the individual source reports.

Pokémon GO on the iPhone will soon only be available for iOS 11 and higher

With regard to the Pokémon GO app from Niantic Labs, which is available for iOS and Android, there will be an important change on February 28, 2018. If you play the game on an Apple smartphone, you should update it to iOS 11. On devices that do not support the operating system, such as iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c, the game will no longer run from March onwards. "This change is a consequence of the further developments of Pokémon GO, which push the application over the possibilities of the operating systems of those devices“, It says in the official blog post by Niantic. If you want to continue playing, you need a more up-to-date device. It is said that PokéCoins and items can be accessed on this again.

New iOS Security Guide is out

The mobile Apple operating system iOS has many different features, including those that raise the question of security and, above all, data security. These include, for example, the Face ID introduced with the iPhone X, the Touch ID previously used and services such as Apple Pay. These and other aspects will be discussed after a Report from 9to5Mac covered in the new iOS Security Guide dated January 2018. The 78-page document to look through and read you can find here.

Always new patents for Apple

The CES 2018 with its technical innovations and new products was already mentioned above. With regard to the new features of Apple devices, it is always worth checking which patents the company has Cupertino granted by the US Patent Office. Since there is not always time to write individual articles for this blog, I would like to recommend the Patently Apple page at this point. From the current article overview of the site alone, one can see that there could soon be a foldable iPhone and Face ID on the iMac or MacBook. Touch ID on the OLED display is now also an Apple patent. It's very interesting what the former garage and children's room company thinks are technology patents these days - take a look ;)

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