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The year 2017 is drawing to a close, but here at will not be let up, but will go one better with a new, regular format. The Sir Apfelot newsreel From today, every Friday, brings you Apple and tech news of the current calendar week, collected and enriched with detailed sources, directly to your display. Do you have any further news, reports or comments on the technology events of the week? Then please leave a comment, also with a (serious) source;)

Sir Apfelot newsreel on calendar week 50 in 2017
Sir Apfelot newsreel on calendar week 50 in 2017

Apple says it's Christmas time soon

Apple is currently informing in an email that the "perfect finale for your Christmas shopping" is now beginning. Of course not unselfishly, because this is followed by the notice that orders in the Apple Shop, which should be there by Christmas, must be received by December 21, 16:00 p.m. Aren't Apple devices on your list this year? Then take a look with these last-minute gift ideas for him and her past ;)

Order Apple iMac Pro - possible since December 14th!

Since WWDC 2017 at the beginning of June this year, the world has been waiting for the Apple iMac Pro, which I briefly discussed here. The new professional calculator Cupertino comes with Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad, Magic Mouse 2, power cord and Lightning to USB cable - all in Space Gray. Since yesterday, December 14, 2017, you can order the device in the standard configuration for EUR 5.499. I have times for fun on the Apple iMac Pro page All configurations are screwed up and all software and hardware are packed: with all the trimmings, the Apple iMac Pro costs 16.156,98 EUR.

Ordering the Apple iMac Pro has been possible since December 14th. If you order by December 21st, 16 p.m., the device will be there for Christmas;)
Ordering the Apple iMac Pro has been possible since December 14th. If you order by December 21st, 16 p.m., the device will be there for Christmas;)

First test reports and benchmarks for the iMac Pro

Like, among others in this post reported, there are already initial test and experience reports from users of the Apple iMac Pro. From these and the benchmark overviews that have already been created, the new Apple computer is a monster that, for example, renders an 11GB 4K video project in under 8 minutes. And also in many other areas where a lot of calculations are carried out and up to 18 cores of the CPU be utilized to capacity, “it runs far away from all other Macs". Diagrams in the report make this statement clear.

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App Store News: Big cleaning up and pre-orders

Modular apps that create new apps with a ready-made template, for example by automatically transferring a Facebook page, or the apps created in this way are currently flying out of Apple in droves App store. Apple has been cleaning up there since September 2016 and throwing out outdated or buggy software. From the beginning of 2018, automatically created apps and the programs required for them will also be thrown out. This affects small and medium-sized companies as well as restaurant and delivery service providers, among others. details on the subject regarding

While old and modular apps from the store for iOS are flying to the iPhone and iPad, there is far more positive news at the other end: Apps can now be pre-ordered and subscription introductory prices are permitted. This applies equally to the app stores for iOS, macOS and tvOS. Pre-ordered apps that are made for current operating systems are automatically loaded / installed when available. Details and further versions have the page (with reference to

Fire TV without YouTube app and keylogger on HP notebooks

Let's stay briefly with and two interesting reports that appeared on the site this week. First, the YouTube app disappears from the Amazon Fire TV as well as from the Amazon Echo Show. The reason for this is a dispute between Google, to which YouTube belongs, and Amazon. The decision to remove the app from the Amazon offer came from Google. You can find details on this in this report.

The second item on the site that caught my eye this week was about keyloggers that security researchers discovered on HP notebooks. The report starts with the shock sentence: "Hundreds of HP notebooks have a keylogger on board ex works". The corresponding function, it is said, is located in the SynTP.sys file and is deactivated by default. To activate it, a hacker has to modify the Windows registry. You can find details about the report in the report from heise as well in its source (, which goes into details with numerous screenshots.

Jonathan Ive is Apple's "Chief Design Officer"

Jonathan Ive, who has been with Apple since 1996 and, in recent years, has mainly been responsible for the design of the Apple Park and the new Apple sales outlets, now has another high-level administration job in Cupertino: as Chief Design Officer, he is responsible for the look and feel of Apple products. All Apple products. And he will now (again) report directly to CEO Tim Cook in his area of ​​responsibility. The full news including video has among other things for you. Details about the job are provided by Apple Biographies Page.

Philip W. Schiller about Home Button, iPad Pro, AirPods, Pencil, iMac Pro, etc.

Let's stay on the Apple board: In an interview with the Trade magazine T3 "Senior Vice President Worldwide Marketing" Phil Schiller discussed various changes and views that Apple in Cupertino has made. In the conversation that Dan Grabham had, there were some insights into the developer world. Three major statements from the interview can be summarized:

  • The elimination of the home button was initially impossible, but then cleared the way for Face ID and other innovations
  • The AirPods are mini-computers that only work in a closed Apple-hardware-software-interaction and of whose popularity Schiller is proud
  • The iPad Pro is a computer replacement for some users, especially when traveling; for others it is the ideal complement to the Mac

Topics that continue to appear in the interview, but may not be of interest to all Apple fans, are the Apple Pencil, the Apple Watch, the iMac Pro, the ARKit, the HomeKit and a few other little things. You can find the full text in the article by T3.

Shazam is bought by Apple

The 400 million US dollars that Apple is prepared to spend on Shazam is said to be the largest corporate purchase by the Cupertino company since Beats. Shazam is an app that recognizes music and gives the user information about the song that is played, sung or (sufficiently) hummed. What does Apple want to do with this? Probably integrate music recognition into Apple Music / iTunes. Among other things, this could boost spontaneous purchases of songs or albums when a user discovers a song, likes it, looks it up and can buy it directly. In addition, with Shazam, Apple is also buying an app that is widely available on Android devices ;) More details and thoughts can be found here. for you.

Amazon Prime Video finally on the Apple TV

Let's stay with the topic of multimedia: Apple Prime Video is currently available in the Apple App Store with an update from December 12.12.2017th, 5.1. As a new function of the iOS app for iPhone and iPad in version XNUMX there is, among other things, the possibility to finally stream films, series, documentaries and Co. directly on the Apple TV: "Stream directly on your Apple TV by downloading the tvOS app, sold separately (requires 3rd generation Apple TV or higher)."Here you come directly to the app page:

[appbox app store id545519333]

Consumer protection: rip-off warning for streaming services

From the Amazon video offer to a subscription trap in the area of ​​streaming: The “market watchdogs” from the nationwide consumer center are warning in a recent post in front of a dubious streaming network that wants to lure users into a so-called subscription trap. Official websites are replicated by streaming services and these duplicates are then advertised via YouTube videos. The pages attract attention, among other things, through “missing consumer information” and “aggressive payment requests”. You can find details on the case in the linked article.

Copies of the iPhone X from China

“Of course from China”, one could say now. If one stereotype persists, it is that Chinese companies are very good at copying successful brands and products. How reports, the iPhone X including the “notch”, ie the display bulges at the top of the screen, is now modeled on it. The German Apple magazine invokes this and also shows pictures of the "Leagoo S9" published there, which looks like the iPhone X to the devil. In addition to Leagoo, Boway also copied the design of the iPhone X in his very obviously named “Notch Series”.

The Leagoo S9, Source:
The Leagoo S9, Source:
Boway's Notch Series is an obvious copy of the iPhone X from China, source:
Boway's Notch Series is an obvious copy of the iPhone X from China, source:

Originals from China: DJI Select new customer offer and Xiaomi Mi Vacuum competition

SuperDuper backups now with High Sierra snapshots

Finally, a rather good news: The backup program "SuperDuper“Offers in the current version, which among other things with macOS 10.13 High Sierra and the file system APFS copes with access to snapshots. Snapshots are system images of macOS High Sierra that are taken during a system update. They allow you to restore your Mac to the state it was in before the update. The convenient access to snapshots via SuperDuper and the retrieval of snapshots via the terminal are topics in this report from

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