Luminar AI - photo editing with intelligent filters and effects

At Skylum you can immediately get Luminar AI (LuminarAI in your own spelling) in advance. The new editor for photographs offers photo editing based entirely on artificial intelligence (AI). This makes it possible to create impressive photos without lengthy processes. Apply filters, add effects, exchange elements and adjust perspectives - all this and much more can be done in seconds. Because instead of a complex user interface, there are clearly structured menus, buttons and controls. Advanced settings ensure that individual adjustments can be made. In this way you conjure up exactly the work of art from a photo that you want to make out of it. More details below.

TL; DR: Pre-order the software for image processing here

With Skylum Luminar AI you use artificial intelligence on the Apple Mac and Windows PC to turn photos into works of art faster. Photo editing with AI is intended for professional users as well as for private amateur photographers.
With Skylum Luminar AI you use artificial intelligence on the Apple Mac and Windows PC to turn photos into works of art faster. Photo editing with AI is intended for professional users as well as for private amateur photographers.

Luminar AI - functions for photo editing on Mac and PC

Whether portrait or landscape, Skylum promises with Luminar AI or LuminarAIthat mood, atmosphere, color harmony, structure and more can be easily adapted and individualized. "AI" stands for the English "Artificial Intelligence". The following filters, each with different controls, are available for editing photos on the Apple Mac and Windows PC:


  • BodysuitAI: Body helps adapt bodies
  • IrisAI: Iris helps make eyes more expressive
  • FaceAI: Face enhances faces and makes them look more natural
  • SkinAI: Skin helps to show skin better (removal of impurities, etc.)
  • AccentAI: Accent provides true-to-life colors and more natural light
  • BokehAI: Bokeh helps when you want the background to be out of focus


  • AtmosphereAI: Atmosphere provides a realistic depth (without creating layers)
  • StructureAI: Structure improves elements (sky, water, people, etc.) individually
  • SkyAI: Sky recognizes and improves the sky or replaces it to appear more impressive
  • Color Harmony: Even more expression in photos than with "Saturation" and "Liveliness"
  • Super contrast: Provides more depth in photos thanks to controls for light, middle, shadow, etc.
  • Mood: Easily adjust style and emotions in photos with new color palettes

Luminar AI - system requirements under macOS and Windows

Artificial intelligence naturally also needs a bit of power on the computer on which it is supposed to run. The same goes for Luminar AI. In order for the automatic or semi-automatic photo processing to run smoothly to achieve professional results, you need (at least) the following machines.

Apple Mac Windows PC
Operating system macOS 10.13.6 or newer Windows 10 (64-bit only)
random access memory 8 GB (better: 16+ GB) 8 GB (better: 16+ GB)
Storage on the hard drive 10 GB (SSD recommended) 10 GB (SSD recommended)
Display resolution 1.280 x 768 pixels or higher 1.280 x 768 pixels or higher
Processor - Intel Core i5 / AMD Ryzen 5 or better
graphic card  - Compatible with OpenGL 3.3 or newer
Model MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac mini -

Buy Luminar AI: Pre-order now at a discount price

You can currently pre-order Luminar AI from Skylum. You save 10 euros and pay only 79 euros instead of 69 euros. If you click on “Pre-order now at a special price” on the app's website, you will also be taken to a selection where you can add other Skylum offers for photo editing on Mac and PC. These include Luminar X for 59 euros instead of 99 euros, Aurora HDR for 69 euros instead of 99 euros and an advanced video course for Luminar AI for 109 euros. But these are all just optional purchases. Of course, you can also order Luminar AI individually. To the promotion website of the new app you come with this link.

Questions and answers about photo editing with AI

  • Who is Skylum Luminar AI made for?
    For professional photographers who want a faster workflow, as well as for private users who want to beautify their photos without much effort.
  • Is there a limit to the early bird benefits?
    Yes, the early bird benefits are limited to the first 30.000 people who pre-order Luminar AI. These people are more likely to get the program, get the lowest price, take part in the Insider program, and so on. Those who already own Luminar or Aurora HDR get a loyalty discount.
  • When will Skylum Luminar AI be available?
    The software can currently be pre-ordered, and according to Skylum it will be available "around Christmas time". The closer the release gets, the more precise information can be given.
  • How is Artificial Intelligence used?
    The term "AI" for the use of artificial intelligence is not just a marketing slogan at Skylum. The presented software uses so-called deep convolutional neural networks for photo processing. These help to find quick and accurate solutions for the photos to be edited. In this way, images are quickly recognized, analyzed and enables filters and effects to be applied.
  • Does the photo processing happen fully automatically?
    No, because you don't just put generic filters on a photo or add effects. Thanks to the analysis of the photos, individual solutions are proposed. You can accept these or adapt them or discard them completely and implement your own creation with the existing controls.
  • Is luminarAI the successor to Luminar 4?
    No, with LuminarAI it is a stand-alone program that alongside luminary 4 exists and can be used. Both Skylum apps have their own benefits, features, and customization options. For Luminar 4 there is after the release of LuminarAI Further compatibility and performance updates for a year. It can also be used beyond that.
  • Will the new program work with macOS Big Sur?
    Yes, compatibility with the new Apple operating system macOS 11.0 Big Sur was considered. Skylum will provide more detailed information when Big Sur comes out in fall 2020.

Further questions and answers can be found in the FAQ on the official Skylum website for the Luminar AI app (see link above). What do you think of the new software? Feel free to leave a comment under this post;)

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  1. I only paid for Luminar 4 a year ago and am not very enthusiastic that I am supposed to be paying again now. In addition, the normal license is only valid for one computer. For a second computer I should pay 10 euros more.

    No thanks! I will stay with Luminar 4.

    1. Hi Beatrix! I can understand completely. I will probably book it as I already use Luminar a lot. But if you can still get along with Luminar 4 and don't use it often anyway, you don't have to compulsively book it.

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