SmartHalo 2 - New generation of bicycle sat nav is financed

Over a year ago I already got you SmartHalo vorgestellt. The combination device consisting of bike navigation, fitness monitor, light and alarm system is the modern version of a bike computer. Due to the popularity of the product, the makers continued to work on it and introduced the second generation via Kickstarter. The SmartHalo 2 was supported in just 36 hours with over 400% of the actual financing target. Worldwide delivery is scheduled for the end of 2019. SmartHalo 2 will be available in German retail from December 2019 at an expected price of 139 euros.

The new SmartHalo 2 with bike navigation, alarm, message display and light is expected to hit the market in 2019 for around 139 euros.
The new SmartHalo 2 with bike navigation, alarm, message display and light is expected to hit the market in 2019 for around 139 euros.

SmartHalo 2 - Better navigation and other innovations

Converted to just under € 50.000 with the Kickstarter campaign to the SmartHalo 2. At the time this article went to press, it was € 715.220. This can drive development forward and ultimately make the bike accessories even better than expected. The innovations currently aimed for include the following:

  • Lighter construction and improved design
  • Better navigation and selection of different routes as well as GPX import
  • Improved bracket with easier assembly for permanent attachment
  • Display shows distance to turn, names of callers, WhatsApp messages, speed in km / h and much more. at
  • Touch display can switch between information and functions by swiping
  • The brightness of the SmartHalo 2 lamp is increased to 250 lumens

Choosing routes: fast, safe or flat?

On the basis of Google Maps and its navigation options, SmartHalo 2 is fed with the necessary navigation information. All you have to do is bring a smartphone with mobile data usage and pair it with the device beforehand. Then, according to the Kickstarter page linked above, different routes can be selected to the selected destination. For example, you can choose the safest or the fastest route. You can also choose whether you want to avoid hills - i.e. inclines. It should also be possible to select bike paths as a priority. In addition, a number of other features should be able to be used: weather warning, coupling with smart home actions, output of horn or bell noises, etc.

Navigation, fitness data and much more are controlled via the app on the smartphone.
Navigation, fitness data and much more are controlled via the app on the smartphone.

Pictures and videos from the SmartHalo 2

Before you can buy the SmartHalo 2 at the end of 2019, you can view pictures, videos and animations of the new functionalities on the Kickstarter page linked above. There you will also find a note that the fitness data of the device can be imported into Apple Health. If you use Android, you can integrate it into Google Health. The alarm will also be on board to protect against theft. With the new generation of devices, this can not only be deactivated via smartphone, but also via a tap code on the touch display. 

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6 Responses to “SmartHalo 2 – New generation of bicycle navigation system is funded”

  1. Hallo,
    Most of the functions are already included in many e-bike manufacturers & you also have to somehow attach your mobile phone to the steering wheel to fully enjoy the SmartHalo 2. Wouldn't it make more sense to integrate a tablet with a corresponding app on your bike?
    Lg Jens

    1. I don't know ... the vibrations make it difficult to attach a smartphone. With more weight, like with a tablet, it certainly doesn't get any easier to prevent the vibrations ... I definitely wouldn't mount my iPad Pro on the bike. : D

    1. I know that, but you were talking about a tablet ... and there is nothing on the market that has reasonably good ratings.

  2. Inga Bendschneider

    I have the first Smarthalo and actually only tested it on a longer tour. I have not found any attitude towards bike paths. The routes were always on the road. We couldn't use that at all. Stupid thing. I didn't see any new update either. The device is probably not suitable for touring cyclists

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