Solved: DaemonProcess.exe error due to missing QtCore4.dll at Windows start

Ok, I actually prefer to deal with Macintosh problems because I usually know what to do there. However, I just had to heal a customer's PC with TeamViewer, because since today the customer has the problem that he always reports the error when starting Windows that "DaemonProcess.exe" cannot start because the "QtCore4.dll " is missing. Please reinstall the program so that it is complete again.

Since I couldn't do anything with it at first, I asked Aunt-G and lo and behold - there are apparently many people who have the problem, not only on Windows 7 but also on Windows XP, Windows Vista and even Windows 8.

Adware Mobogenie solves the problem

Based on the recommendations, I initially ran a virus scanner, but it did not reveal anything. In a forum I read that you should look in "C: / Program (x86)" and "C: / Documents / User /" on the computer to see if there is a folder called "Mobogenie" there. In fact, I found this folder in both file paths. I simply threw it into the trash, emptied the trash and restarted the computer.

After restarting Windows, no more errors occurred. So the problem is over, but I still didn't know what this "Mobogenie" was. It is a program that is technically not a virus, but nevertheless intervenes deeply in the operating system. In itself, however, it is used to transfer data from the Android phone to the computer or back. And it is apparently simply installed with the installation of a "BS Player".

Remove Mobogenie Virus - How to Get Rid of the Crap!

As mentioned earlier, the program is not a real virus because it does not spread to other computers or infect files. Nevertheless, one finds the term "Mobogenie Virus" again and again on the net, which is probably due to the fact that it is so difficult to get rid of this software.

At first it was quite easy for my customer because I only had to delete the two folders. But if you notice that the problem occurs again and again, you may have a malicious browser extension in Chrome, Explorer or Firefox. You should also remove all of these, for example with the Avast Browser Cleanup is possible. There are also other programs available to scan your computer for malware or adware. However, I would always recommend providing your PC with good virus protection, because these Internet Security Bundles usually offer protection for browsers, emails and all the rest. For example, AVG Internet Security 2014 is recommended, which you can find here shop at Amazon can.

Book a PC service through Sir Apfelot? Is also possible!

If you have problems with such error messages or the like on your Windows PC, you are welcome to use my TeamViewer as a helping hand. I'm actually more of a Mac specialist, but so far I've been able to fix almost all PC problems.

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  1. CarBär says:

    That was the first proposed solution that was sensible, simple and ultimately successful! :) Many Thanks

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      I'm glad if it helped you! There are much more complex instructions on the web, but this "simple variant" also helped me ... and why make it more complicated than necessary ?! ;-)

  2. MASTHA49 says:

    Many thanks for the help!
    Before I found this page, I was in despair. The DaemonProcess.exe almost drove me insane. The Mobogonie folder flew straight out of the PC in a high arc. Without this message, I would never have guessed the mistake. Please more of it if you can!

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