[Solved] iPhone 6/6 Plus / 6s: Display black, but it is switched on

We recently had a strange case, but it doesn't seem that rare: the Apple iPhone 6s that we are about reBuy suddenly switched off the display while writing a message in the middle of operation. You could still hear vibrations and tones from incoming mails and messages, but the screen stayed black. If the same thing happens to you with an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s or 6s Plus and the display stays black even though the smartphone is switched on, you can try one of the following three solutions - the first one helped directly with us.

The iPhone 6/6 Plus / 6s display is black even though it is switched on? You can press at the marked point (see video) if the first two solutions do not help.

The iPhone 6/6 Plus / 6s display is black even though it is switched on? You can press at the marked point (see video) if the first two solutions do not help.

First solution for a black display, even though the iPhone is switched on

The first solution can be to press the power button (right side of the device) and the home button (front side) at the same time and hold them down until the Apple logo appears. This procedure involves a forced restart of the smartphone, sometimes called a “hard reset”, sometimes called a “forced reboot”. It's a reboot that clears the entire cache. Unsaved data can therefore be lost; the memory with photos, videos, messages and Co. is not damaged. If you want to be on the safe side, make an iTunes backup on your Mac or PC (if possible) beforehand.

Second solution for iPhone screen not responding

The second solution, if the one described above does not help, is again implemented with the power and home buttons. First press the side button for 3 seconds and then keep it pressed. After the 3 seconds, you also press the home button. Now hold the two buttons until the Apple logo appears. Here, too, it is a matter of restarting the device, during which no data is (should) be lost. In addition, after this procedure, the error should now be eliminated. If it is not, there is a third solution ...

Third solution for the iPhone display that keeps failing

Especially if the error occurs after the iPhone has been dropped, it is possible that a connection cable has come loose inside. Either it hangs loosely in the interface, so that every now and then signals come through and the display sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Or it has completely dissolved, which leads to a permanent display failure. But before you take the device apart, you can press it together under the camera on the back and the flash LED (see video) - this can re-attach the cable so that the iPhone screen receives constant signals during operation and no longer fails .

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iPhone 6/6 Plus / 6S display black - video instructions

The following video helped with our device, from which the three approaches described come from. I converted the information into text form and provided it with further information, because the video only provides the instructions and tips in English;)


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