[solved] Photoshop plugin / filter no longer appears on Apple Silicon M1 Mac

Start Photoshop on the M1 Mac with Rosetta

Today I had another strange experience that I would like to describe here - in the hope that there will be more people who have this problem and are therefore happy about the solution. The trigger for my problem was the update of Adobe Photoshop, which was installed automatically a few days ago. It is about the jump from Adobe Photoshop 2021 to the Photoshop 2022 version. With this update, Adobe has apparently optimized the software for the Apple Silicon Macs (M1 Macs), because all of the plugins and filters that I used to be had suddenly disappeared always used.

Problem: TinyPNG plugin and M1 MacBook Pro

My favorite Photoshop filter called" luminar' could be integrated back into Photoshop with a simple installation. What needed a lot more persuasion was that TinyPNG plugin for Photoshop, which ensures that the graphics are exported as a space-optimized PNG or JPG file for the web. It is usually visible under File > Export. In my case, the menu item was no longer visible, despite reinstalling it (putting the plugin and license file in the "Plugins" folder).

I then wrote to the support, who told me that the plugin was not yet optimized for M1 Macs and would therefore only run on Intel Macs. I then wrote back that I've been working on an M1 Mac for a year and have been able to use the plugin the whole time. The reason for this was - according to TinyPNG support - that my Mac obviously had the plugin with Rosetta started and therefore it ran.

In the Adobe Photoshop information window, click the "Start with Rosetta" option so that non-M1-optimized plugins also run.
In the Adobe Photoshop information window, click on the option "Start with Rosetta" so that non-M1-optimized plugins also run.

How do you start a Photoshop plug-in with Rosetta on the M1 Mac?

That was the big question. I reinstalled Rosetta and tried to start the plugin on its own, but nothing helped until I accidentally stumbled across the option to set whether a program should start with Rosetta or "normally" in the Finder. And exactly this option is also the solution for my problem with the TinyPNG plugin.

The solution: start Adobe Photoshop with Rosetta

So the trick is not to somehow start the plugin with Rosetta (that doesn't work because it's not a standalone program). Instead, you have to start Photoshop with Rosetta so that it starts the plugin in turn. And this is how it works:

  1. The first thing to do is to close Photoshop if it is running.
  2. Then look for the Photoshop sub-folder in the programs folder and open it.
  3. Now mark the program file "Adobe Photoshop 2022" and press the key combination CMD + I (for the information window).
  4. In this window you will find the option "Start with Rosetta" under the copyright notice in the "General" area, and tick the box.
  5. Now you restart Photoshop and you are happy that the plug-in or the filter is available again.
After starting with Rosetta, the TinyPNG plug-in can be found under the export options again - as it should be.
After starting with Rosetta, the TinyPNG plug-in can be found under the export options again - as it should be.

Solution also works with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut and other software

The downside is that Photoshop is now running slower than it could. On the M1 Mac, however, this should be bearable, since these computers are insanely fast anyway.

The advantage: By opening it with Rosetta, you not only have your beloved third-party plugins back in Photoshop, but you can also use the technology in Adobe, Premiere, Final Cut and many other apps that integrate small add-ons from other providers that may not yet be optimized for Apple Silicon.

First program start with a delay

One more note: When you start software with Rosetta for the first time, it can take a little longer. This is because Rosetta creates and saves a "translated" version of the app. In the future, however, the start will be quick again because macOS can fall back on the already translated version.

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9 Responses to “[Solved] Photoshop Plugin/Filter no longer appears on Apple Silicon M1 Mac”

  1. Well, I recently stumbled upon this problem and actually not a solution. You don't buy an M1 computer to run software that is even available as an M version in Rosetta mode. Just giving up, the PS starts up as an M1 in a second and is ready for use, I don't want to miss it anymore. As always, the real problem lies in the update laziness of some providers. So I was all the more pleased that Luminar worked immediately as a plug-in.

  2. Thank you for this information. I've made a request to tinypng (hopefully as have many others) for an update. I also said I'd be happy to pay for the update.
    In the meantime I ticked the rosetta option because I use tinypng so frequently.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this article. I wish they had mentioned that on their own website.

    1. Jen Kleinholz

      Gladly, Matt! I was also a bit surprised that I seemed to be the first to have the problem, because the support couldn't really help.

  3. In December 2022 I have the following problem:

    After I can't use neural filters in the latest Photoshop version 24.0.1 because the app consistently crashes, I installed the previous version 23.5.3. And here I can use neural filters. I don't understand who wants to.

    PS 24.0.1 is also missing the Libraries palette. It only appears after I start the app with Rosetta. 23.5.3 does not have this problem either. And the "Start with Rosetta" check box is not ticked.

    All on a Mac Studio Max with Ventura.

    I have already deleted and reinstalled the entire Creative Suite. doesn't help. problem remains the same.

    Needless to say, only useless tips are given in the Adobe forum.

  4. Thank you very much, but I have one. A new update to 24.1 for Photoshop came out overnight, which eliminated all the errors described (at least for me).

    You no longer have to start PS via Rosetta to have the libraries. Without the Rosetta, it also starts up much quicker. The filters also work now, and PS no longer crashes on exit.

    Only Adobe can explain why 23.5.3 worked and 24.0.1 has so many flaws.
    It's very annoying when you have to deal with something like this for hours on end.

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