[Solved] What power adapter can I use with my Amazon Kindle?

EasyAcc Kindle charger
EasyAcc Kindle charger

The USB power supply from EasyAcc is perfect as a charger for the Amazon Kindle - whether Paperwhite, Fire HD or Classic (Photo: Amazon).

Question: I want to get a Kindle, but I've seen the guys at Amazon don't include a power adapter. This is really a bit stingy if you ask me. But my question is whether you have to do that for loading Power supply from Amazon want to use or whether another charger will do the same. I am unsure about this because I do not know which technical things the power supply unit has to fulfill.

Answer: In fact, you're right - in the past, a power adapter came with the Kindle when it shipped. Today, however, every cent is saved and you have to buy an extra charger. But the game is also known from the Apple products iPhone, iPad and iPod touch... After all, the charging cable is with the Micro-USB-Connection included – at least with my Kindle Paperwhite there was one in the pack.

But to your question: Of course, you don't have to use the original Kindle power supply from Amazon. At just under 20 EUR this is not unbelievably expensive, but there are USB chargers for half the price that have a micro-USB plug and thus every Kindle (regardless of whether it is Paperwhite, Fire HD or Classic). Sometimes you can find such devices on ebay, but I tend to buy my Kindle accessories on Amazon.

Another thing you should consider with a charger for the Kindle tablet is the current that the USB device can deliver. The original power supply from Amazon delivers 5 volts and 1,8 amps via the USB charging cable. It is clear that a charger with less power cannot charge the Amazon eBook reader as quickly. For this reason, I would like to introduce a USB power supply with 2000 mA (i.e. 2 amps) as an alternative, which at EUR 12,99 is significantly below the price of the original accessories from Amazon.

EasyAcc Micro USB charger - EU adapter
The EasyAcc USB power supply delivers 5 V and 2,0 A, making it even more powerful than the Amazon charger for the Kindle.

Important: The EasyAcc power supply works with the Kindle and other tablets that have a [Micro USB connection-> micro-usb]. You CANNOT charge an [iPod Touch-> ipod-touch] or other Apple devices with it!

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