Songmics laptop table: Foldable bed table for MacBook, notebook, books, etc.

Sometimes you will find one or the other surprise during this or that search on Amazon, such as the handsome one Songmics laptop table, which you can use as a bed table, as an elevation for the MacBook or simply for breakfast on the couch;) The legs of the Songmics notebook table are height-adjustable and the angle of inclination of the plate, which is designed for up to 17-inch laptops and Apple MacBooks, is in five stages (with horizontal position six steps) adjustable. Also practical for the desk, for working while standing or on the floor.

The Songmics laptop table is a foldable bed table on which you can ideally position the MacBook. The bamboo table offers plenty of space, height-adjustable legs and more.
The Songmics laptop table is a foldable bed table on which you can ideally position the MacBook. The bamboo table offers plenty of space, height-adjustable legs and more.

Songmics laptop table made of bamboo for right and left handers

There is enough space for the mouse, trackpad, smartphone (can also be used as a mouse), the coffee cup and much more. The part on which the folding computer should be placed has nicely designed ventilation slots. A slider offers space for cables, chargers, etc. The Songmics laptop table has an average of 4,6 out of 5 stars on Amazon:

Notebook table for table, bed and floor
Robust and stable table made of bamboo that can be folded out. Legs with variable length, laptop shelf with different inclination levels and ventilation openings. Not only ideal for working on the laptop, but also for reading eBooks and surfing the Internet. A small compartment provides storage space to accommodate cables, pens and chargers.

Advantages over other breakfast tables

Years ago, I bought a breakfast table for 7 euros net for the increased positioning of my laptop on the desk. But I got off that part when I found out what a Notebook arm is ... But if you only surf a little privately and don't work on your laptop all day, then the Songmics laptop table can be the ideal and versatile solution for you. The advantages over an ordinary breakfast table for bed are clear:

  • Tiltable surface for the Apple MacBook and other flip-top computers
  • Space for small parts, a coffee cup, smartphone and mouse
  • Slider for small parts, cables, chargers, pens, etc.
  • Height-adjustable legs for different types of use

Extension for the summer: laptop fan

Laptops, notebooks or netbooks can get pretty hot, especially in summer. So that this does not happen and so that you effectively increase the life of your mobile computer, there are various fans that you can pack under the device. There is a fan with good ratings and a tiltable surface for example from AUKEY.

And finally, I would like to show you a very well-rated alternative for increasing the laptop / MacBook, which is ideal for desks and work trips due to its small dimensions:

tronature® laptop stand, ergonomic laptop stand
Looking straight ahead instead of down at the laptop helps in the fight against neck pain. Height and inclination can be adjusted. Only 160 grams and small dimensions for use on almost all tables and on the go. Ideal for business travelers with hand luggage. Passively ensures ideal ventilation of the device.

How do you make laptop work more ergonomic?

Do you always look down on your notebook or MacBook or do you make sure that you look straight ahead at its display? How do you go about doing this and what solutions do you find in different work environments? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic! :)

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