Sound Forge Pro finally for the Mac with OS X

Sound Forge Pro Mac
Sound Forge Pro Mac

With the audio editor "Sound Forge Pro Mac", Sony finally offers the Mac version for the well-known software for multi-channel audio recording and editing (Graphic:

It was about time, because the Mac is known as the "workhorse" in audio production. Nevertheless, Sony's excellent audio program Sound Forge was previously only available in a PC version for Windows computers. This is now finally being remedied, because with the "Sound Forge Pro Mac 1.0" version, apple fans can now also enjoy the audio software. The purchase price will probably be a little below the 300 EUR mark, but Sony also offers one Demo version the audio editor software. All information about Sound Forge for OS X can be found on the Product page of Sony. And if you want to read in a lot first, you can do it here Manual download as PDF. We couldn't find a shop that has the software in the program at the moment, but as soon as something happens and someone leaves us a comment on it, we will be happy to include the link.

We were able to find a first test with a screencast on YouTube. However, it is in English:

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