Space Invaders App for watchOS: Retro Game on the Apple Watch

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You want the retro game Space Invaders Download as an app for the Apple Watch? Nothing easier than this! Because from the developer VirtualGS there is a clone of the arcade classic for the smartwatch from Apple; called Invaders mini. Operation with the crown of the Apple Watch takes a bit of getting used to - but once you've got the hang of it (haha), Space Invaders should also be fun on the wrist.

Invaders mini as a Space Invaders clone for the Apple Watch

The classic shooter "Space Invaders" was developed by Taito and published by Midway Games in 1978. The game, which has lost none of its fascination to this day and has also wonderfully shaped pop culture over the past few decades, is available in the form of different clones. On the one hand you can play Space Invaders for free on the Internet or in the form of a free one App for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. On February 15, 2017, the clone Invaders mini updated in the Apple App Store: Here you can take a look at the app page and download the game

Apple Watch App Invaders mini in action

This video shows that playing the game on Apple Watch is neither easy nor impossible. So if you want to play Space Invaders ... pardon ... Invaders mini anywhere, anytime, you can try the app:

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Invaders mini also for iPhone

According to the developer, the game can also be played on the iPhone. In addition, it can not only be controlled there, but also on the Apple Watch by touching the screen. So you don't have to use the watch's crown. Whichever version and control method of the Invaders mini app you choose: please leave a comment with your experience;)

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