Speedlink VOLITY READY Streaming Starter Set - Microphone for Podcast, Stream, Let's Play

Record a podcast, equip a Twitch stream with good sound quality and / or comment clearly on a Let's Play on YouTube - according to the manufacturer, Speedlink can do this with the VOLITY READY streaming starter set. The equipment for streamers, moderators, let's players, and everyone who wants to become one includes: microphone with windshield, microphone arm with shock mount, tripod for placing the microphone on the table, pop protection or pop filter, cables and assembly -Aid. 

The Speedlink VOLITY READY Streaming Starter Set contains a microphone with stand, microphone arm, cables and other accessories. Ideal for podcast, stream, let's play and more.

The Speedlink VOLITY READY Streaming Starter Set contains a microphone with stand, microphone arm, cables and other accessories. Ideal for podcast, stream, let's play and more.

Speedlink VOLITY READY Streaming Starter Set

The Speedlink VOLITY READY Streaming Starter Set ensures that you can display the spoken word in high quality in various recording and transmission situations. The tripod for placing on the table is height-adjustable. If you want the shelf in front of you to remain free, you can use the microphone arm to place the microphone in the air. Thanks to the shock mount, the suspension for the microphone, shocks and other movements are not translated into annoying noises. Ideal if you are streaming a Let's Play on Twitch or YouTube while using the mouse and keyboard on the tabletop.

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39,25 EUR
Speedlink VOLITY Ready Streaming Starter Set - Streamer Set for Gaming / Computer / Notebook / Laptop, ...
  • The Volity Ready Streaming Starter Set is the perfect all-round equipment for streamers and gamers who want to ...
  • The microphone with windshield ensures clear and distinct voice transmission, and the ...
  • The shock mount ensures that the microphone is held securely, and the microphone can also be ...

Technical data and information

  • Manufacturer: Speedlink
  • Model: VOLITY READY 
  • Device type: 16 mm condenser microphone with accessories
  • Dimensions (Ø × H): 47 mm × 157 mm (only micro)
  • Weight: 179 g (micro only)
  • Directivity: kidney
  • Frequency range: 30 Hz to 16 kHz
  • Sampling rate: 96kHz @ 24bit
  • Sensitivity: -38 dB ± 3 dB
  • Impedance: 2,2 kΩ
  • Connection: USB-B to USB-A cable (2,9 m integrated in the arm; 1,8 m included)

Tip for aligning the VOLITY READY microphone: The side with the Speedlink logo should face away from the speaker; the side without the logo should face the person accordingly. This is the only way to benefit from the cardioid polar pattern of the microphone and get the best possible audio quality when commenting on a game, telling a story or answering audience comments or questions;)

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Gaming accessories made in Germany

Speedlink is a company from Germany that, in addition to its headquarters here, is active in more than 35 other countries on four continents around the world. The manufacturer is primarily known for its PC, console and handheld accessories. From the retro joystick to the steering wheel and pedals to the mouse, keyboard and headset, everything is and much more in the company's offer contain. The range of peripherals also includes microphones, loudspeakers and the like for ideal audio recording and playback. Gamers and those who want to become one should stop by. Especially since the individual products were rated as good to very good on average.

Mastering Free Audio Software: Audacity manual 

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