Sport with the Switch: Family Trainer or Ring Fit Adventure?

With the Nintendo Switch you can simulate different sports on TV or in handheld mode. In addition to game collections and sports titles from the Super Mario series, two offerings stand out: the new “Family Trainer” and the “Ring Fit Adventure”, which has been available for some time. Both bring additional hardware for the use of the Joy-Cons, which makes them exclusive titles for the Nintendo Switch (+ OLED model) and excludes use with the Nintendo Switch Lite. Apart from that, the question arises: what suits me better, family trainer or Ring Fit Adventure? Here you can find a comparison of the two fitness games.

If you want to do sports on the Nintendo Switch, you can use the Family Trainer or Ring Fit Adventure. You can find a comparison of the games here. Below are more recommendations for sports and fitness games for the Nintendo Switch.
If you want to do sports on the Nintendo Switch, you can use the Family Trainer or Ring Fit Adventure. You can find a comparison of the games here. Below are more recommendations for sports and fitness games for the Nintendo Switch.

Comparison: Do you want family fun or individual development?

Family Trainer for the Nintendo Switch offers over a dozen different mini-games that are comparatively simple and should also be accessible to beginners from different age groups. Maybe Nintendo can continue the success of the Wii sports-fun games with the title of BANDAI NAMCO. The title seems to at least want to build on this.

In addition to the mini-games for the whole family, there is also a training mode that “makes sport easy”. The scope of delivery includes two leg straps so that two players can compete with or against each other in multiplayer mode (a second pair of Joy-Cons may be required). The game leg strap bundle currently costs € 69,99.

Family Trainer (including leg straps) [Nintendo Switch]
  • Jump, run and stomp your way through a variety of sporty mini-games!
  • Including boat tour, regular jumping, cart races and more!
  • Choose freely from a unique collection of mini-games

Ring Fit Adventure from Nintendo focuses more on individual training with fitness exercises. Depending on the initial situation and regularity of use, sport can definitely become a sweaty task here. To keep the players on the ball, an RPG adventure story is told in which you have to compete against different opponents. 

Movement in the game as well as attacks in combat are implemented through various exercises - for example with the ring-shaped controller extension, which gives the adventure its name. I know from friends that Ring Fit Adventure can be strenuous, but is therefore also good for fitness. It currently costs € 61,99.

11,32 EUR
Ring Fit Adventure - [Nintendo Switch], usb2.0
  • Ring Fit Adventure - Motion-controlled Nintendo Switch title combines adventure gameplay with fitness exercises
  • Adventure mode: Virtual opponents are defeated with actual fitness exercises
  • Ring-Con and leg strap: New accessories inspired by fitness equipment, recognize the movements of the players and ...

Sports games for Nintendo Switch: golf, tennis, dancing and game collections

If you don't like both games or if you want to build an even larger collection of sports games for the Nintendo Switch in addition to these, there is of course a lot more to discover. In the following I have compiled different titles for you. Some require physical effort through Joy-Con movements, others can be controlled with the buttons and sticks on the controller. 

First and foremost, you should of course take a look at the Super Mario series. For tennis fans there is Mario Tennis Aces with different play styles and multiplayer mode. Those who like to play golf will join Mario Golf Super Rush can spend nice hours. Here you move on a golf course, train with well-known Mario characters and can also compete against friends in multiplayer mode. There is a collection of Olympic disciplines at Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020. A nice collection of games with appealing Mario graphics.

A cheaper game collection that does not come directly from Nintendo is called Instant Sports. This title from Wild River also seems to be based on the Wii successes of the past. You can indulge in the six disciplines of tennis, goalkeeping, bowling, baseball, rafting, and hurdling. With Instant Sports - Summer Games you also get sprint, high jump, archery and the like. The reviews on Amazon are mixed, but mostly positive. 

If you do not follow the sports approach, but want to move to different music, then this is also possible on the Nintendo Switch. For example, there is the title from the popular "Just Dance" series of games Just Dance 2021. Eight songs are included specifically for children; Just Dance Unlimited gives you access to over 550 songs. Or you can try it yourself Zumba Burn it Up in Zumba. Live-action instructions with 30 different songs are used.

Mario Tennis Aces - Nintendo Switch
  • 2523240
  • Audience Rating: Approved without age limit
5,36 EUR
Mario Golf: Super Rush - [Nintendo Switch]
  • A new, content-rich Mario Golf is coming to the Nintendo Switch system
  • Simple controls and an improved shot display make this a game for beginners and professionals alike ...
  • Keep the green fresh with different modes like standard golf, speed golf, story mode and more
6,47 EUR
Mario & Sonic at the Olympics: Tokyo 2020 - [Nintendo Switch]
  • Language: German
  • Release DATE: Nov. 8, 2019
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020
1,96 EUR
Instant Sports Nintendo Switch
  • Tennis, goalie, bowling, baseball, rafting, hurdles
  • 20 characters that can be designed (name, clothing, equipment, hairstyle ...)
Instant Sports - Summer Games - [Nintendo Switch]
  • Audience Rating: Approved without age limit
2,00 EUR
Just Dance 2021 - [Nintendo Switch]
  • Exercising has never been so fun. Start your own routine with Sweat Mode and stay ...
  • It's most fun together. Dance in co-op mode with your friends and combine your score, ...
  • Enough is never enough. Get access to ... with Just Dance Unlimited, the dance-on-demand streaming subscription service ...
4,00 EUR
505 Games Zumba Burn it Up - [Nintendo Switch]
  • 30+ Songs: Dance to today's top hits including "I Like It" (Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J Balvin) and ...
  • Dance Style Choice: With a selection of fresh new routines and popular classics, including dance styles to ...
  • Superstar Trainer: Learn from the Best! Real-life coach superstars make sure you ...

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