Spotify free and premium in comparison: Are the costs for the app worth it?

Spotify for free compared to Spotify Premium for iOS and macOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, MacBook, download and guide

For the iPhone, iPad and Mac you can Spotify Download, install and use for free. But why is there also the possibility Spotify Premium to purchase for a fee? What are the advantages? In this article I would like to show you how extensively you can use Spotify at no cost and what limits you may come to. I would also like to show you the sources for the Spotify download so that you can use the app on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, MacBook and Co.

Spotify for free: Rediscovered in the rock playlist Kraftklub with songs for Liam.

Spotify for free: I rediscovered Kraftklub in the rock playlist with 'Songs for Liam'.

Download Spotify for free: for iOS, OS X and macOS

Spotify is of course just one service among many for free and legally streamed music. However, it is also the most popular service in this field. Personally, I use Spotify for free and, despite some restrictions and advertising, benefit from the numerous playlists for every mood, for every time of the day, week and season, for resting, partying and so on. If you want to download Spotify for free, you can do so here:

In comparison: free version and premium


Spotify (free) Spotify (Premium)
Create playlists Ja Ja
Use ready-made playlists Ja Ja
Find artists, albums and songs Ja Ja
Mixed Playback (Shuffle) Ja Ja
Advance or skip song (Skip) Yes, but only in limited numbers on mobile devices Ja
Listen to music without commercial breaks No (or only for 30 minutes at a time) Ja
Download music and listen to it offline No Ja
Listen to songs in the order of the playlist (no shuffle) Mobile: no; Mac / PC: Yes Ja
Select songs directly (no compulsory shuffle) Mobile: no; Mac / PC: Yes Ja
Costs - see list

Spotify Premium costs: various subscriptions on offer

If you pay for Spotify, you can enjoy every song ad-free when and where you want. You can skip tons of songs, listen to music offline, and so on. And that costs the fun:

  • After a 30-day trial: € 9,99 / month
  • Also as an annual subscription: one-time payment of € 119,88
  • Premium Family: € 14,99 / month
  • Premium for students: € 4,99 / month (annual subscription)
  • More info:

Which music streaming service do you use?

Do you also use Spotify; and if so, which version? Or do you prefer to use another service to listen to, download or rediscover music on your computer or on the go? Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion on the relevant ones Apps and your experiences there :)


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  1. ginolino says:

    I like AppleMusic a lot better.


    • sir appleot says:

      Somehow I can't make up my mind and use both. : D With Spotify I find the mood playlists somehow better, but otherwise Apple Music is of course better integrated and plays songs when Siri calls. This is very pleasant when driving a car. ;)

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