SQWARQ Boot Buddy: Creating a macOS Boot Stick is child's play

Boot buddy With the SQWARQ app, it is child's play to create a macOS boot stick to boot or install the Apple operating system for Mac, iMac and MacBook from a USB stick. And even if the developer's name sounds like someone dropped their head on the left side of the keyboard, the SQWARQ Boot Buddy software is an ideal alternative for those of you who the more complex creation of a boot stick for macOS shy away.

SQWARQ Boot Buddy is a Mac app for creating macOS boot sticks that can be installed and booted via USB. Boot Buddy was updated in mid-July 2017.
SQWARQ Boot Buddy is a Mac app for creating macOS boot sticks that can be installed and booted via USB. Boot Buddy was updated in mid-July 2017.

Create a macOS boot stick with Boot Buddy

Boot buddy is a small, free app made with the Apple programming language Swift was written. Next to this one App you need two more things to create a macOS boot USB stick for starting or installing the Apple operating system on a Mac, iMac or MacBook. On the one hand, this is a current one Installation file for macOS and on the other hand a USB stick, preferably with at least 16GB Storage. The app works with OS X 10.11 El Capitan, macOS 10.12Sierra and in the future probably also with macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Source: sqwarq.com
Source: sqwarq.com

SQWARQ Boot Buddy Download: Info/Booking

Who is behind the provider SQWARQ?

A lot of important information can be found on the provider's About page, for example that the programmer Phil Stokes is behind the page and the programs offered on it. In addition to his programs and troubleshooting services, he also has a blog. Even more important for Mac users is that the software offered Shareware is. This means that you can simply use it for free, but if you like, you can also voluntarily request a registration key for a fee.

Apple developer who does not publish in the App Store

In addition, Phil Stokes is a registered Apple Developer and his apps are safe according to his own statements. One of the reasons for this is that they are not "sandbox" apps that have root permissions. This means that the apps cannot cause any (major) damage, even if hackers infiltrate the code. That is also one reason why the apps do not appear in the Apple App Store for the Mac - the apps offered there must be "sandboxed" and therefore cannot communicate with other apps. This is counterproductive for troubleshooting apps like the one from SQWARQ.

In addition to Boot Buddy: Other programs for the Mac

In addition to Boot Buddy for the quick and easy creation of macOS boot sticks, there are other programs for Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook on the page linked above. These include the following useful apps:

  • DetectX: Change Log, show/hide hidden files, detect keyloggers, malware and Adware, removal of MacKeeper and similar, compatible with OS X and macOS from 2011
  • App fixer: Troubleshooting software for apps from Safari to Photoshop, repairs programs when they no longer run as usual, crashes or user settings change
  • critical updates: Monitor program updates, display new system updates, call up update files in the Finder, etc.
  • Other: More apps by Phil Stokes are FastTasks2, Alchemist, Disk Inspector and Process Monitor

Your experiences with Boot Buddy

Have you used Boot Buddy before or decided to download, install and use it after reading this post? Then share your experiences with the program for creating a macOS boot USB stick with a comment;)

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  1. Boot Buddy simply does its job quickly, cleanly and perfectly!
    DiskMaker X gave me more trouble and didn't always finish.

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