Star Wars Cookbooks - Recipes from a galaxy far, far away

"Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away ..." - if the endorphins jump between the synapses at the beginning of a sentence, you can be happy. There are numerous Star Wars cookbooks and baking books for the enjoyable time in Advent, for the time between the years and for all other days. So if you're in the mood for a Clone Scone or a Wookiee Cookie or want to give away a Star Wars cookbook to a fan of the Sci-Fi film series for Christmas, then you've landed on the right advisor;) May the sour cream be with you!

Are you looking for the right Star Wars recipe or do you want to give away a Star Wars cookbook for Christmas? Here you will find the cookbook and baking book selection from a galaxy far, far away!
Are you looking for the right Star Wars recipe or do you want to give away a Star Wars cookbook for Christmas? Here you will find the cookbook and baking book selection from a galaxy far, far away!

Star Wars cookbooks with recipes from a distant galaxy

It is not only amazing how many different Star Wars cookery and baking books there are, but also that most of them have been rated good and very good by their buyers. So there seem to be a large number of Star Wars recipes hidden in every book, which, when cooked, make every Jedi shout. 

But before I get to the list of Star Wars cookbooks, a word of advice. Two years ago I presented you with various ice cube and praline shapes with which you can make Star Wars ice cubes, Star Wars chocolate and Star Wars pop cakes for Christmas, birthdays and the theme party. Here is the post: Star Wars ice cube mold - also ideal as a baking mold and for chocolate or pralines.

Star Wars Cookbook: Cantina

The book “Star Wars Cookbook: Cantina: 2017 Recipes from a Far, Far Distant Galaxy”, published in 40, was written by Thibaud Villanove, translated by Anja Rüdiger and contains photos by Guillaume Czerw. On the 144 pages you will find 40 recipes that the reviewers used on the Amazon product page pronounce positively. An extensive 4-star rating from October 2018 gives this great insight into the Star Wars cookbook:

The culinary journey begins on Tatooine with dust crepe, continues to Bespin, where Cloud Souffle or Sweet Nimbus are waiting. The journey continues to Naboo with lake tartalette, you visit the Galactic Senate and find Jawa Juice and Galakticake there. On Kamino there is végétable ration, on Kashyyyk braised bantha, on Mustafar a fire pot and red lava. Superstar Detoxer and Niima Polyamidon are served on Jakku. At the end of the trip, head to Takodana to find Castle Crumble and local eggs. Then there is an index by ingredients.

40 recipe suggestions from a distant galaxy
Step into the cantina and discover 40 Star Wars recipes. According to the reviews, there are many very tasty stops on the journey through the Star Wars cookbook!

The STAR WARS Cookbook: When the Force Awakens

The full title of the book, published in March 2018, is “The STAR WARS Cookbook: When the Force Awakens - Breakfast and Brunch Recipes from a Galaxy Far, Far Away”. On the cover there is a small BB-8 on a waffle with butter and syrup. There are no reviews or ratings yet, you can on the Amazon product page take a look at the book. The table of contents shows various breakfast ideas: BB-8 energy balls, Finn's fantastic fruit blaster, frozen yogurt lightsabers, Stormtrooper stalemate, Luke Sky waffles, Starkiller pancakes, Reysine bread, Imperial lemon jam and much more. Drinks are also included!

Let the force awaken with a galactic breakfast
With this cookbook for the beginning of the day as well as for the extensive brunch you let the power either wake up or continue to dawn in a delicious half-sleep: D

Star Wars baking and cookbooks by Robin Davis

There are also two books on Amazon that list (among other things) an author named Robin Davis. On the one hand there would be "The STAR WARS Cookbook: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes" from 2011, and on the other hand "The STAR WARS Baking and Cookbook: Wookiee Stullen, Clone Scones and Other Galactic Recipes" from 2012. Both books are relatively mixed Customer ratings and reviews - but on average around 4 out of 5 stars. So before you buy one of the Star Wars cookbooks with recipes and kitchen tips, take a look at the product pages:

Robin Davis cookbook
It's best to take a look at the book and look at the customer ratings and reviews before accessing it directly.
Robin Davis cookbook and baking book
Again, it can be worth taking a look at the star ratings and customer reviews to decide whether the book is for you.

Star Wars baking book: cakes, pies and cookies

The "Star Wars Baking Book: Cakes, Tarts and Cookies", which was published in 2017, contains Star Wars recipes for cakes, tarts and biscuits. I particularly like the "BB-8 cookies" shown on pages 6 and 7. But really elaborate projects like the “Death Star Cake” on pages 16 and 17 are not to be despised. If you can't quite get the cake, you can also bake “Jabba's chocolate cake” (pages 44 and 45). You can already find the baked goods and recipes mentioned on the Amazon page of the book see. In addition to Star Wars recipes and pictures of the finished baked goods, you will also find small snippets of facts with information about the characters shown here and there!

Cakes, pies and cookies
With this Star Wars baking book you bake great cakes, pies and cookies from a galaxy far away that Jedis, padawans, stormtroopers and Wookiees should taste equally.

For the summer: 30 ice-cold recipes for hot days

In 2013 Lara Starr published the book “The Star Wars Cookbook, Ice Swords - 30 Ice Cold Recipes for Hot Days”. The mixed cookbook, but with an average of just under 4 out of 5 stars, contains Star Wars recipes for ice cream swords, handy snacks, cakes, ice cream, sorbets and fruity foods as well as for drinks. But not only do you get the book for 19,95 euros - you also get four lightsaber ice molds with which you can make the colorful water journey in the freezer. Check it out, maybe this is something for you.

Snacks, drinks and ice cream for the summer
Whether for Christmas or a birthday - this is the ideal gift for everyone who wants to pay homage to the sci-fi film series in the garden, on the beach or by the pool.

Looking for a free Star Wars recipe?

As an alternative to the Star Wars cookbook or baking book, you can of course also search for free online recipe ideas. I tried to find something with the head chef. I found exactly two articles, each with a Star Wars recipe ... The "Wookie Cookie" looks somehow creepy and not at all like Chewbacca, the "Darth Vader cake" is better, but certainly quite complicated:

Which Star Wars cookbook is your favorite?

Which Star Wars recipes convinced you? What do you want to cook or bake first? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic - even if you buy a Star Wars book with recipes from a galaxy far, far away, not for yourself, but as a Christmas present;)

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