Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy on the Mac Book Pro Retina 13/15 inch

In the AppStore, it is not only with this game that the complaints of MacBook Pro owners who have a Retina device are increasing. I have one myself and can confirm the problems with some games. Sometimes the graphic is so big that you can only see a quarter of it on the display, in other cases it was so small that in full screen mode it only addressed one quadrant of the [Retina-Display-> retina-display].

This is also a problem with the game “Star Wars Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy”, but it can be solved with the following instructions:

  1. Before starting the game: Press the ALT key and then at the top of the Finder on “Go to”.
  2. In the “Go to” menu, select “Library”.
  3. Then in the “Containers” folder and there in the “com.aspyr.jediacademy.appstore” folder.
  4. Then further through the following folders: "Data", "Library", "Application Support", Jedi Academy" and finally in "base".
  5. In the “base” folder, open the “jaconfig.cfg” file with [BBEDIT->bbedit], [Coda->coda] or [Dreamweaver->dreamweaver] and change the following entries (these apply to Macbook Pro Retina 15 inches!):
  6. seta r_customheight “1024” becomes seta r_customheight “1800”
  7. seta r_customwidth “1600” becomes seta r_customwidth “2880”
  8. Then save the file and start the game.

If you want to rewrite it for the [MacBook Pro Retina 13 inch-> macbook-pro-retina-13], use these two instead of the old one:

seta r_customheight “1600”
seta r_customwidth “2560”

And then it just says: May the force be with you! :)


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4 comments on “Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy on the Mac Book Pro Retina 13/15 inch”

    1. Um, how should I explain it. The Mac is booted up and waiting for you to do something. Now press the "ALT" key on the bottom left of the keyboard (keep it pressed!) and use the mouse to go to "Go" in the menu at the top (top of the screen). There is no simpler way to describe it. Sorry...

  1. Hi

    Now it clicked. Thanks ;-) What I can't find is the following folder in the container "com.aspyr.jediacademy.appstore"

    Why don't I see that?
    I bought the game but installed it with a CD.


    1. Phew, I don't know about that either. Unfortunately, I don't have the game on me. Maybe there is still a reader who can help a little ...

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