11 Responses to “Hacked Steam Account? That's how you get him back!"

    1. Hello Sittex! I don't know of anything, but I would strongly recommend writing to Steam Support so they can take a look. I think you can definitely prove that you owned the account via the payment method.

  1. Martina Krössmann

    Hello! I have the problem that Steam does not send a new code, the PC was completely deleted due to a system crash, I can't register again because the code is not sent and I can't get contact without registering. What can I do???

  2. No registration without a code, no support without registration - that's the problem. I can't ask anyone because I can't get anyone!!! And I don't even know if everything is because someone stole the account or why it just doesn't work and you have no chance of reaching anyone...

    1. Maybe you can create a new account with a different email address and write to support about your other account?

  3. Hi all!
    Got my account back. It was relatively easy, I had to change my email address first, then when I tried to reset my password I was able to reach support somehow and there I got my account back after I had questions. When you first know it's not that difficult, but as a layman, find out what's going wrong.

    1. dietmar günther

      So if you don't have access to your account, how can you change your email address if the thief has entered his email?

      1. Hello Dietmar,

        As described in the article, a new email address can be entered after resetting the password/account. So you should first contact Steam support and take the necessary steps to get the account back. Then you should secure it with new login data and, if necessary, 2FA.

        I don't have any other tips at the moment. As you can see, the post is over two and a half years old. I'm not sufficiently familiar with the matter at the moment to be able to offer further support. You'll probably have more success with Steam support.

        Best regards

      2. When registering, you have the option to change your email address, as well as your password. For me it was because Steam didn't recognize my regular address or didn't send an email there, for whatever reason. I created an alias on the PC and luckily the address - which I only use for Steam - received the code and I only then got through to support because I couldn't even get there until then. Then I gave everything I had in terms of card numbers and game data to prove that the account belonged to me and a few days later Steam worked again. But I regularly get half a heart attack when I have to log in again because of such a stupid update. I've had to change a new password twice because Steam or my PC? still crazy. I couldn't determine that someone else was or was on my Steam. However, I can only access my emails via detours on the Internet; something has been wrong since an update.

  4. My email was cracked and my logins were changed.
    The type has access to my OnlineAcc in shops and all game platforms and changed. I was so completely denied access. Contact Steam Support and write down an original start code from a game/support ticket and attach a color photo of it to the message.

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