Steve Jobs - The 2015 movie. Is it worth watching?

Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs

Of course, Steve Jobs' life story is of particular interest to an apple knight - but a transfigured and unreflective narrative is not very interesting. All the more gratifying that with Danny Boyles "Steve Jobs" now a cinematic biography (biopic) is available (and can be downloaded from Amazon soon (2015/2016): here is the link to (pre) order the film), which allows a really exciting look at the ambivalent life of the brilliant Apple CEO. This film is not about Apple products or developments, but about the person behind them.

The dark side of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was much more than the face of Apple - his dark side led to betrayal of friends, betrayal of one's daughter, and some tax tricks. However, if you have no idea about Steve Jobs' biography, you will not understand many of the allusions in the film - a little preliminary research (for example with the Book by Walter Isaacson) is therefore recommended.

Exciting. Surprised. Inspiring. Quick-tempered and yet always with his goal in mind - a person with rough edges. “STEVE JOBS” takes us to the epicenter of the digital revolution and describes the struggle to turn a vision that has been dismissed as impossible into reality: a computer for everyone.

Innovation. Character. Leadership style. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne create Apple and the computers that will change the world forever in constant creative discussions that repeatedly question the cohesion and common goal of the three friends.

Visionary. Assertive. Brilliant. From the first beginnings, the development of the legendary, revolutionary Macintosh to the new beginning with the iMac in 1998 - Steve Jobs tells the story of one of the greatest strategists of our time and his colleagues.

- as far as the official description of the film ...

Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs
Casting the role of Steve Jobs with actor Michael Fassbender was a good choice and looks convincing (Photo: Amazon).

Michael Fassbender does the jobs for us

Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs succeeds convincingly in portraying the power-conscious Apple master in this Aaron Sorkin film. Fassbender doesn't look anything like Jobs and was only the third choice to cast the role (after Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale), but he creates his own Jobs personality that comes close. A mature looking Kate Winslet convinces as Apple Marketing Manager Joanna Hoffman, Seth Rogen plays Jobs´ best friend and colleague Steve Wozniak. Jobs' ex and mother to his daughter, Chrisann Brennan, is portrayed by Katherine Waterston.

Steve Jobs film stills
Still images from the Steve Jobs film by Danny Boyle (Photo: Amazon).

A film with time travel

The film is divided into three elements, each of which allows a look behind the scenes of an Apple product presentation. Director Danny Boyle uses a convincing trick for this: he turns each of the three time levels in a suitable look. The scenes that take place in 1984 and 1988 are reminiscent of the analogue era of cinema, while the part that takes place in 1998 has been given a digital look. Jobs' appearance and demeanor also change from time to time.

And? Worth seeing?

My conclusion is far less damning than that of the Spiegel editor in this post. I think you should see this film once. As with the biography of Walter Isaacson, as a "fanboy" you inevitably have the feeling that 1000 things have been left out, but it is not at all the film's claim to roll out the personality and life of Steve Jobs in epic breadth. If you can get used to the fact that only certain moments from Jobs' life are shown on film here, you should definitely see the film.

Here is the trailer so that you can get an idea:



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