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StilGut raffle iPhone accessories

Dear readers, today is the last day of the StilGut competition on! So if you want to participate since January 13th and keep postponing it or if you belong to the newer regular readership and don't know anything about the competition, here is the link again:

>> StilGut competition with attractive prizes for the iPhone <

StilGut's profits

Now quickly sprint to the competition and submit your answers! So you have the chance to win great prizes!

Now quickly sprint to the competition and submit your answers! So you have the chance to win great prizes!

There is one to win robust armored glass film for the iPhone or another smartphone of your choice (see offer on the StilGut page), one Docking station for the iPhone or Power Bank for iPhone, Android smartphone, smart watch and so on with 10.000 mAh capacity. Just take a look at the competition page to check out the details! Participation does not require registration, registration (in an account, for a newsletter, etc.) and is also free of advertising.

The three questions

It is an interactive competition in which you have to answer three questions. Read the questions carefully, because from the previous submissions it is clear that a question must be read carefully;) Here are the three questions (tips and hints for answering are in the original article):

  • Question 1: When was the oldest currently available blog post by Jens (aka Sir Apfelot) published?
  • Question 2: What are the three main markets (countries) that StilGut claims to serve?
  • Question 3: How long has Sir Apfelot been an “Apple Knight with a Passion”?

Legal and further information

You can also find legal information on the competition in the original article on the topic. There are also hints, tips and information that will clarify all open questions. In short: take a look at the competition, answer the above questions and, with a little luck, win a great gadget! :)

>> Click here for the competition where you can dust off great StilGut products <

I wish you good luck and success!

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