StilGut competition: dissolution and announcement of the winners

StilGut competition resolution answers and winners

The time has come, the Sir Apfelot and StilGut competition is over. The last reply e-mail was received yesterday shortly before midnight, and all e-mails have now been evaluated. A total of 94 messages have been sent - wow! The correct three answers to the questions asked in the competition were in 18 e-mails. Why, proportionally, were there so many “false reports”? Like in Update of the competition article already indicated, I think that a competition portal shared the riddle and the solutions; only the widespread answers were not correct ... a shame.

The questions and the right answers

Without a long preamble, I would like to present you the three questions and the corresponding answers again:

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  • Question 1: When was the oldest currently available blog post by Jens (aka Sir Apfelot) published?
    Answer: on November 19, 2012
  • Question 2: What are the three main markets (countries) that StilGut claims to serve?
    Answer: Germany, England and France
  • Question 3: How long has Sir Apfelot been an “Apple knight out of passion”?
    Answer: for over 20 years

The wins and winners

There were three useful accessories for the iPhone or other smartphones and mobile devices to be won. In addition to a 3D curved armored glass film for the smartphone display, there was also a docking station for the iPhone and a power bank with 10.000 mAh. You can now read here who was able to dust off these great prizes:

Tempered glass film for the smartphone display
Roland G. from Mosbach

iPhone docking station
Thomas W. from Obersulm

10.000 mAh power bank
Claudia H. from Cologne

How does it go from here?

First of all, congratulations to the three winners! You three might be wondering how you get the winnings? It's very simple: like in the Sweepstakes items already indicated, your addresses will now go to StilGut, where they will be used to send the prize items. Therefore it basically just means: Wait and get a profit in the mail;)

Is there another competition coming up soon?

There could only be three winners this time. A big thank you goes out to all participants! You are welcome to subscribe to the newsletter or sign up for push messages on the articles published here on iOS and Android - so you will not miss any Apple news or technology articles, guides, instructions, entertainment for nerds and the upcoming competitions . When is the next one coming? Unfortunately, this cannot be foreseen yet. But it is being worked on;)

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    Cool, thank you very much, I'm happy about the win :)

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