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I have to admit that Apple's new free app of the week creates mixed feelings in me. The Puzzle Tsuro Two weeks ago I was immediately enthusiastic about that Break everything game Colossatron I was quickly sure that it won't be my favorite. I was torn during Streak's workout. But let's start at the beginning before I come to my conclusion. ;)

Fitness for the lazy

There are quite a few apps like Streaks Workout in the world App store. I think everyone has stumbled across names like 7 minutes fitness, 7 minutes or something similar. Their common goal: They want to get people to do at least one mini-workout a day in order to do something good for their health.

However, Streaks Workout differs from most other apps in that you can choose the workout time between 6, 12, 18 and 30 minutes. And at 6 minutes, there's really no excuse not to fit the workout into your "busy daily schedule."

The exercises are all chosen so that you only need an exercise mat for them. Otherwise, no aids are required. The app currently has 18 exercises that you can use to build your own workouts.

The criticisms

I installed the app and read the corresponding reviews in the App Store. Some of them are probably done, because some people criticize the fact that the training status is not updated in the iPhone when they have done the training on the Apple TV. Since the current version has an iCloud sync, the issue should have been settled.

However, there are a few points that I can understand:

  • When planning your first workout, you choose six exercises from the list. Why doesn't the app take over and choose exercises that cover the entire body?
  • Once you have started the workout, the app randomly chooses the order of the exercises. Sometimes it also happens that you have burpees or other exercises 2 or 3 times in a row, for example. I find that unfavorable and avoidable.
  • The execution of the exercises is not explained. OK, the app has little exercise icons with stick figures in two different states showing the exercise, but I can't tell if I'm doing the exercise correctly. It is better to make an explanatory video with tips on how to do it. Other apps have shown this perfectly.
What are floor jumping jacks and how the hell do you do them?!? The app owes me the explanation ...
What are floor jumping jacks and how the hell do you do them?!? The app owes me the explanation ...

Otherwise, I think the app is very nice. You are a little motivated to do something every day and you can do a little workout in 10 minutes (with changing clothes). I usually enjoy this, but here I am missing a bit of the sporting and health background when designing the app. From my point of view, it is not enough to simply throw up a few exercises at random. I think there are definitely a few rules by which exercises are better chosen. I don't know this, but I'm not the programmer of the app either. ;-)


I'll admit it honestly: For me, the app disappeared from the iPhone immediately after the review. I think I currently have better fitness apps on the device that I certainly won't be replacing anytime soon.

If you really want to do something for your fitness, I would use other, more specialized apps that also do the sequence and selection of exercises according to a well thought-out principle. As a gimmick you can definitely get Streaks Workout, but I would rather recommend the apps “BWT – Body Weight Training” by Mark Lauren and the “Asana Rebel” yoga app recommend. Asana Rebel also offers a 5-minute workout that changes daily and Mark Lauren's Body Weight Training has guided workouts that last around 30-40 minutes and even include warm-up and cool-down. Here you have the feeling that the app programmers have given a little thought to the combination of the exercises and movement sequences ...

For everyone who would still like to take a look at the Streaks Workout fitness app for free, I have the link to the app store here:

[appbox app store id1044950341]

Incidentally, the app also has its own homepage, which you can use Check it out at can. However, there is no more information to be found there than in the app store.

And here no recommendation for the other two apps that I've been using for years and with which I (and my back!) Are very satisfied:

[appbox app store id416981420]

[appbox app store id1067860796]

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2 comments on ““Streaks Workout” is the new free app of the week”

  1. Are you as lazy as me? I developed an app that is supposed to motivate me to do some exercise every day.

    If you know Duolingo, you will recognize a few things. There are streaks, leagues with promotion and relegation, “annoying” notifications, animations and really short units in between (2-5 minutes). The basic idea is that if you do, for example, 4 minutes of exercise every day, then at the end of the year you will have spent more than a full day, i.e. 24 hours, just doing exercise.
    Feel free to try it out and give me feedback:

    1. Hello Sebastian! As a busy Duolingo user, I will definitely test your app one day. If you would like us to give away an advertising-free license in the newsletter, please write to me again via the email in the imprint. Thanks! 😊

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