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Stromberg quotes - The series Stromberg with Christoph Maria Herbst as Bernd Stromberg was in the years Filmed in five seasons from 2004 to 2012 and broadcast on ProSieben. The German mockumentary, which as an adaptation of the series The Office (Great Britain; 2 seasons) and / or The Office (USA; 9 seasons), celebrated its climax in the film, which was partially financed by crowdfunding from December 2011 Stromberg - The film that came to the cinema in 2014. In the course of the series as well as within the film, there were sometimes very subtle and provocative statements that are ideally suited as a Stromberg quote in different life situations. Above all, I would like to offer a platform to those from the film.

stromberg quotes series dvd film blu ray box collection office graphics amazon

Screenshot of the trailer for the Stromberg film - Let dad do it !; Image source:

My top 15 quotes from "Stromberg - The Film"

"Company celebrations are like the Last Supper: Always too few women, the food is bad and in the end there is trouble."

“For me, love has always been like an angel with diarrhea. Theoretically quite nice, but practically shit. "

"No matter what else, but the load-bearing walls in a man's life are in the office."

"A woman is not automatically clever just because she looks like shit."

"With music like that, you actually drive the junkies away from the main station."

"What you lack in brains, you make up for with stupidity."

"The sun grins me from every crack - I could throw up confetti."

"Problems are like breasts to me - when you touch them, it's most fun."

"They breastfed you back then with a very thick sweater"

"Why, why, why? Why can't a one-legged kick your ass? "

“A company is like a wife. She fucks you when you don't expect it anymore. "

“Whoever fires a man creates an unemployed person. Whoever fires a woman creates a housewife. But whoever fires a Bernd Stromberg creates ... trouble! "

“You're just the toilet sign. I'm the right shit house! "

“I feel like Jesus on Easter Sunday. Everyone had already written it off. And after three days: Comeback! "

"Let dad do it!" (Probably the most famous Stromberg quote after the film)

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A few of the best Stromberg quotes from the series

“Never dip your pen in company ink; never around in your own house ... staple, staple, punch. "

"The less people work, the bigger the workplace."

"If you let a fart here as a boss, then the works council demands a noise barrier!"

"The best years come after 45. It was the same with Germany."

"You don't make marzipan out of mettwurst."

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Steve Carell as Michael Scott in The Office (US version)

As a role model for Stromberg served, among other things, the series The Office with Steve Carell in the role of self-centered and morally misguided boss Michael Scott. "That's what she said!“, That is one of the most famous quotes. And with regard to the whole series, it can be said that it actually only works properly in English. So it was good that with Stromberg a series based directly on the German language was created with a lot of puns. Anyone who is able to speak English and who, in addition to sexism, can also tolerate other coarse humor that is only touched with a pair of pincers in Germany, I can also recommend The Office as a DVD box.

So that you have a face for the name Steve Carell in your head: he is mainly known in this country from films like Anchorman; Virgo (40), male, looking for ...; Little Miss Sunshine; Crazy, Stupid, Love; Far back (a more serious role for a change); The big short; Etc.

Have fun with the series marathon!


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