SunnyBAG solar backpack: on the go with 7 watts of solar power

Today I would like to give you the SunnyBAG Iconic Introducing a solar backpack that I discovered by chance on Amazon. The backpack with solar panel and USB output for charging smartphones, tablets, cameras, power banks, handheld consoles and navigation devices offers up to 7 watts of power. After discovering the backpack on Amazon, I first thought, what do you want with so little charging power? 7 watts doesn't sound like much, but in practice it is easily enough to fill your iPhone in 2 hours. Even when I charge the iPhone XS with my iPad power supply, I hardly get more than 7 watts of power because it simply doesn't use it anymore. Hence the mention of the backpack, which has been rated very well.

The SunnyBAG Iconic has a 7 watt solar panel for charging smartphones, tablets, Action Cam and Co. The solar backpack can also charge a power bank to temporarily store solar energy. Images: Amazon

The SunnyBAG Iconic has a 7 watt solar panel for charging smartphones, tablets, Action Cam and Co. The solar backpack can also charge a power bank to temporarily store solar energy. Images: Amazon

Video presentation: SunnyBAG Iconic Solar Backpack

SunnyBAG is a company from Austria that offers various solar panels, solar backpacks and suitable batteries or power banks. The Iconic backpack with a weight of 1,12 kg and various practical compartments is the latest model. It has been available for sale since October 2018 and has also been available for a few days this introduction video on the manufacturer's YouTube channel:

Very good star ratings and customer reviews

There are currently 8 customer reviews for the solar backpack on Amazon, all of which have 5 out of 5 stars (as of January 31, 2019). The headlines range from “Very well made, stylish and works” to “Great backpack with enough volume.” To “Stylish backpack with reliable solar panel”. The following statements can be found under the latter:

[...] I am excited so far. The backpack not only looks stylish with the integrated solar panel, but is also really well structured inside. A separate compartment with a cable duct is provided for my power bank so that it doesn't fly around in my backpack all the time. The solar panel works flawlessly and does exactly what it should, namely charge my cell phone or my separate battery, depending on what is connected and at an excellent speed. On the backpack, the zipper goes all the way to the ground, so you can hang it up like a suitcase, and it helps enormously when packing several things. The generous padding also makes wearing comfort really great!

Buy the SunnyBAG Iconic Solar Backpack

As already mentioned, the backpack with solar panel for charging mobile devices or power banks is available from Amazon (here the link). There you will find further product images and information on charging times for various devices: 1 hour for the smartwatch, 2 - 3 hours for the smartphone, 5 hours for the drone and 7 hours for the tablet (times may vary if the panel is cloudy or if the panel is not correctly aligned extend).

SunnyBAG Iconic Backpack
This solar backpack with USB solar charger delivers 7 watts of power at 22,4% efficiency. According to the manufacturer, the most powerful solar cells are installed on the market. The robust, water-repellent material is ideal for city, country, hiking and work. The solar energy can be temporarily stored by battery / power bank.

Accessories from SunnyBAG

The storage of solar energy with a power bank is of course ideal for use in addition to charging the smartphone, tablet, camera or other battery. Slim models like that 20.000 mAh model from Ossky for 32,99 EUR or maybe one Charmast 26.800 mAh power bank for 45,99 EUR are well suited for use in a backpack. There are also suitable models from SunnyBAG itself. The advantage: You get everything from a single source, and that from a German-speaking provider in the EU. Here is the selection:


In the test: RAVPower RP-PB003 solar power bank


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