SuperDuper! - Backup software for Mac

SuperDuper !, also known as SuperDuper or Super Duper, is a backup program for the Apple Mac. With the SuperDuper! Shirt Pocket app allows you to create a bootable clone of your hard drive that helps in the event of a system failure or as an emergency backup before the critical update. What the software can do, where you can find the download and which downloads you should avoid, I have put together for you in this article on the program for backups on Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook - also under macOS High Sierra.

The SuperDuper! App is backup software for the Apple Mac, with which you can create a bootable clone of the hard drive.
The SuperDuper! App is backup software for the Apple Mac, with which you can create a bootable clone of the hard drive.

SuperDuper! - Backup software for Mac

The current version v3.1.7 of the SuperDuper backup software for the Apple Mac is not only compatible with the HFS + file system, but also with APFS and thus with the macOS 10.13 High Sierra operating system (status: August 2018). The backup app will therefore also tend to work with macOS 10.14 Mojave, which will be released in autumn 2018. If you want to do a bootable update of your hard disk space before upgrading to the new system, I can give you the SuperDuper! Recommend download only. At Apfelot, the Carbon Copy Cloner is mainly used, but only because the full version was purchased;)

SuperDuper! is also a great copy software for the hard drive - and the basic version is free. You can download a demo of the app for creating a hard disk image with boot function for free and use it permanently. However, some functions will only be activated if you register the program and buy the full version for $ 27,95:

  • Create a schedule for automatic backup appointments
  • “Smart Update”, which saves a lot of time in the copy process
  • Sandbox functions
  • Script usage
  • Realize Mac backup over a network
  • Etc

SuperDuper! Alternative from Bombich: Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac

superduper! Download

As with many other apps that can be downloaded for free, the usual suspects also offer their own download service with regard to this Mac app. You think SuperDuper! therefore not only from the developer Shirt Pocket, but also via Google search as a heise download, as a CHIP download, as a Softonic download and the like. Why you shouldn't take advantage of these options and only download apps directly from the developer, I've explained to you here: Why you shouldn't download software from download portals.

The SuperDuper! You should only download it from the developer website (Shirt Pocket). Super Duper CHIP, heise, Softonic
The SuperDuper! You should only download it from the developer website (Shirt Pocket).

The "right" SuperDuper! Download directly from the developer and without any frills you get on (direct link). There is no such thing as a SuperDuper! in German, but the page with screenshots and clearly marked links for downloading the app is understandable enough. If you have any questions or would like something on the site translated from English to German, please leave a comment. Otherwise, the SuperDuper app window is too! super easy to understand. Select the hard disk, select the target and (possibly after further settings) click on "Copy Now".

The main window of the backup app for the Mac, iMac, and MacBook. Actually self-explanatory.
The main window of the backup app for the Mac, iMac, and MacBook. Actually self-explanatory.

By the way, on the linked developer page you will not only find the current version 3.1.7, but also the downloads for older macOS and Mac OS X versions in the right column of the website. So if you are looking for a recovery software or a (in the basic version) free Carbon Copy Cloner alternative, you will find these offers on the page:

  • Mavericks (10.9) - v3.1.1
  • Mountain Lion (10.8) - v2.9.2
  • Lion (10.7) - v2.8
  • Tiger (10.4), Leopard (10.5) and Snow Leopard (10.6) - v2.7.1
  • Panther (10.3) - v2.1.4
  • Jaguar (10.2) - v1.5.5


If you are looking for a free backup app for your Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook, then SuperDuper is it! probably the right one for you. The program is not available in German, and the really super duper functions such as automatic backups and the like are only available in the paid full version - but the basic version also offers the option of creating current, bootable images of the memory again and again. By the way, in case you are wondering what "LaCie" is, the term that appears again and again in the screenshots on the download page: LaCie is a manufacturer of external storage. One of the current models is this smart device for data transfer without a computer: LaCie DJI co-pilot.

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4 comments on “SuperDuper! – Backup Software for Mac”

  1. Hallo,
    I downloaded the superDuper app and would like to backup my entire Macintosh HD. In preparation, I created a folder for this on a sufficiently large external hard drive. Now I'm a bit unsure, because SuperDuper points out that the created folder will be deleted first and then the data will be copied/saved from the Mac. This "delete" only refers to the folder in which the backup should be created or does it possibly include the entire external hard drive? Since there is also data from other computers here, I would like to make a backup before I save the data on the ext. Permanently erase hard drive. Thank you in advance and best regards

    1. Hello Stephanie! Glad you asked. SuperDuper really assumes that it can use the entire hard drive. Otherwise a bootable backup will not work. This means that the hard drive must be completely emptied and you should format the hard drive in the same format that your system hard drive uses. On current Macs with macOS Mojave, this is APFS. So don't forget: SuperDuper does not only delete the folder, but everything on the external hard drive!


  2. Hello.

    I use superduper! for years. I rarely used the backups. Unfortunately, this is exactly the case now that I need the backup, and every time I want to boot the clone, the hard drive simply switches off. :(

    I also wrote to Shirt Pocket. Wait and see what you advise me.

    Briefly the technical data:
    My MacBook Pro (2018) has OSX 10.14.6 (Mojave) on it. The backup was made on August 28, 2019 with Superduper! Version 3.2.5 created.
    The backup is also OSX 10.14.6 (Mojave). It was saved on a LaCie Rugged hard drive. It is connected directly to the Mac with its own USB-C cable.

    I deleted a 250GB iTunes library, but the space on the integrated 1TB hard drive is still used.
    At the time of the backup, this data did not even exist. That's why I want to go back there.

    There is also a TimeMachine backup.

    What would be the cleanest way to restore order?

    Greetings from Stuttgart

    1. Hello Ojo! That's crap, of course. But it sounds more like a problem with the hard drive to me when it shuts down. Not enough power or something like that ... Otherwise you can look at the boot process in Verbose mode (hold down CMD + V when restarting) and check where it gets stuck. If you can not read things because the font is so small, you can enter this command in the terminal before restarting: sudo dmesg >> ~ / Desktop / bootlog.txt
      Then the Mac creates a file "bootlog.txt" on the desktop in which you can read all the messages. And hopefully at the bottom the entry why it aborted booting.
      Otherwise I would use TimeMachine in your case. This is perfect for creating folders or the media library. I only take a full backup if the Mac no longer boots (from the main system) and I need to get it to work somehow.

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