SurfacePad - the palm rest for the MacBook Air and Pro

SurfacePad for MacBook Pro

The boys of Twelve South have a number of accessories for iPad, iPhone and MacBooks in their portfolio that can be recommended almost across the board. One of them is the palm rest called "SurfacePad" (no, this is not a new tablet from [M $ -> microsoft]!), Which was previously only available in the version for the MacBook Air. Recently, however, a model for the MacBook Pro has also been available in stores.

SurfacePad for MacBook Pro

Here you can see the Twelve South SurfacePad on the MacBook Pro 13 inch (Photos: Twelve South).

The surface of the SurfacePad is made of soft leather and offers a comfortable support for the ball of the hand and wrists. While the aluminum of the MacBook is often cold and always too hard, you can put your hands on the 0,8mm thin [Twelve South-> twelve-south] pad. In addition to this advantage, it also offers a certain protection of the computer from scratches caused by rings or [wristwatches-> apple wristwatch].

Adhesive residues when removing?

If you are concerned about adhesive residues that might be left behind when removing the [SurfacePad-> surfacepad], you can lie back and relax, because the pad is held in place by adhesion and can be removed perfectly and without leaving any residue if you ever remove it want to get rid of again.

Buy SurfacePad? This way, please!

Here are the links to all available SurfacePad models for the shopping tour:

MacBook Pro Retina User: please do not use!

You should definitely take the advice that the SurfacePad should not be used for the MacBook Pro Retina to heart. I suppose there can be complications with the display if you fold it together.




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