Surfshark: VPN service with new security features (Sponsor)

Surfshark is a VPN provider for which we can offer you a great discount link. In this article you will also learn a bit about the possible areas of application of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and about the other Surfshark functions in 2022. Because in addition to redirecting the Internet connection and concealing the IP address, the provider now also offers several security functions for the computer and email address. If you don't read all this, but want to take advantage of the 82% discount for two years, then go this way: Link to the discount campaign. 

With the Surfshark VPN you can use many advantages such as MultiHop, Bypasser, bypassing geoblocking and much more. We offer you a link for an 82% discount.

With the Surfshark VPN you can use many advantages such as MultiHop, Bypasser, bypassing geoblocking and much more. We offer you a link for an 82% discount.

Using Surfshark: Why do I need a VPN?

The days of scaremongering are over and we're beginning to realize that we don't necessarily need a VPN service to surf the Internet securely on public networks or in the privacy of our homes. So let's limit ourselves to realistic areas of application for a VPN, which would be:

  • Use streaming offers from other countries by bypassing geo-blocking - if necessary also watch Formula 1 or other events free of charge
  • Use the domestic streaming offers on vacation or on a business trip, thanks to a virtual location in your home country
  • Take advantage of cheaper prices for products, tickets, rental cars and hotel bookings, as these are not as expensive in other parts of the world
  • Surfing the Tor network is even safer, since other servers are connected to the Tor locations
  • And much more!

Other Surfshark features: Antivirus, Alert and Search

If a Virtual Private Network is not enough for you, then Surfshark offers other services that can be useful in this or that area of ​​application. With Surfshark Antivirus there is a tool against malware of various kinds (currently only for Windows and Android). Surfshark Alert is a service that displays an alert when a user's email address is affected by a data breach. If it appears somewhere in a hacking list, there is a message. And with Surfshark Search you get a private search function that, according to the provider, only delivers organic search results without advertising and trackers. All of these features are included in the Surfshark One package.

Surfshark Pros: MultiHop, Bypasser, Kill Switch and no device limit

Surfshark is constantly being expanded. It was only this year that Surfshark Incognito was launched in addition to the additional functions mentioned above and launched last year. This feature should allow users to delete personal data from data brokers at the push of a button. Other advantages are the low price (see current discount campaign), installation on countless devices with just one subscription, MultiHop for using several locations at the same time, the bypasser for using individual pages without a VPN (e.g. online banking), the kill switch for Disconnect if the VPN goes down and more. You can find all the details on the linked website.

Exclusive promotion: 82% discount for two years + two months

Use it to book a Surfshark subscription this link here, then you get the VPN service with all its redirection functions for 26 months for only 54,34 euros. If you break this price down to the months, you end up with 2,09 euros per month.

Important note: Only net prices are shown on the Surfshark website. That's why I've given you the costs including German VAT above. Surfshark uses a daily updated conversion rate, so the actual price may vary by a few cents when you activate the offer.

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