WLAN surveillance camera: Nest Cam for indoors and outdoors

If you are looking for a surveillance camera with which you can monitor your house, your apartment or the outside space via WLAN and app while you are on the go using your smartphone and tablet, then they could Nest Cam Models for indoor and outdoor use are the right thing. In this post I would like to introduce you to a few surveillance cameras from Nest, point out a test and show you their advantages over cheap cameras. So if you want to ensure more security, watch your pets on the go or watch the plants come in during your vacation, then read on;)

The Nest Cam models are modern surveillance cameras with WiFi, microphone and speakers. This means that the monitoring of house and yard is per

App possible anywhere with smartphone, tablet and smartwatch. Details and a link to the surveillance camera test in this article!" width="620″ height="293″ /> The Nest Cam models are modern surveillance cameras with WLAN, microphone and loudspeaker Smartphone, tablet and smartwatch possible everywhere. Details and a link to the surveillance camera test in this article!

Nest Cam: surveillance cameras for indoors and outdoors

For users who are technically not completely wrong and do not shy away from a monthly subscription for support, updates and technical security, Nest is the ideal manufacturer. Nest's cameras, respectively Nest Cam called, bring you HD recordings of indoor and outdoor spaces. The video transmission works via WLAN as well as with the appropriate app on the smartphone, tablet or the Smartwatch. There is a Nest Cam test from iMore - it says among other things:

"I have a Nest Cam in my home and I am very happy with it. It switches on automatically when both my partner and I are not at home and alerts us to every movement / noise in the defined activity zones of the house."

Camera with microphone and loudspeaker

The Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera you can buy it individually or in a double pack and integrate it into the network via radio. You can get information about activities in your apartment via smartphone app, email or smartwatch (Android Wear as well as Apple Watch). Live video surveillance is just as possible as viewing recordings from the last few hours. With night vision mode, the indoor version of the Nest Cam can be used around the clock. The microphone lets you hear what's going on at home while you're out and about, and use the speaker in the camera to talk to your pet, burglar or curious roommate. The integration into the home network works via dual-band WLAN 802.11 a / b / g / n with 2,4 GHz or 5 GHz.

Indoor surveillance camera
The Nest Cam indoor security camera warns of movement and noise in your home. Monitoring via HD video is possible at any time, even in the dark thanks to night vision mode. Integration via WLAN. Features: HD 1080p video (H.264 encoding), super zoom, 130 ° wide angle and more. Selection of a single surveillance camera or a double pack on the Amazon product page.

Weatherproof camera for outdoors

The Nest also comes from the manufacturer Nest Cam outdoor security camera. This also offers the transmission of HD 1080p video and audio in both directions. With 8 infrared LEDs, recordings are also possible at night. You can also be alerted by the Nest Cam Outdoor surveillance camera on the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or on Android devices when movements or noises are detected. Thanks to the interaction via audio, this surveillance camera can also be used as a mobile intercom - for example to tell the postman to leave the parcel in front of the door;)

Outdoor surveillance camera
The Nest Cam outdoor surveillance camera shows you movements and noises in the outdoor area. The transmission of HD video is possible at any time, even in the dark thanks to the use of infrared LEDs. Features: HD 1080p video (H.264 coding), 130 ° wide angle, protection class IP65, function from -20 ° C to 40 ° C and more.

Nest Cam IQ with face recognition for indoors

Face-to-face surveillance cameras are, admittedly, nothing new. I think the pioneer in this area is Netamo. Nest Cam IQ security camera, which is also suitable for listening, speaking for night surveillance and watching 130 ° wide-angle videos in 4K, but is much more modern - it has only been on sale at Amazon since June 2017. Here, too, of course, in addition to the one-off price to be paid, the possible subscription costs must also be taken into account.

IQ indoor surveillance camera
The Nest Cam IQ security camera has face recognition and other useful features. The radio surveillance camera enables the transmission of HD videos at any time, thanks to the use of infrared LEDs also at night. Features: UHD 4K video (H.264 encoding), 12x digital zoom, HDR, motion tracking, 130° wide angle and more.

Updates, hardly any security gaps and subscription costs

The Nest Cam surveillance cameras can be wirelessly integrated into the network and, with night vision, 1080p or 4K and other features, are an ideal addition to the smart home. You have probably already noticed the mixed reviews from Amazon customers, who found their own little surveillance camera test unconvincing. On the one hand, this can be due to - so it reads out - that the integration into the network and the mobile monitoring did not work, or that the monthly / annual costs for the optional subscription were not considered.

The subscription is necessary if you really want to use all the functions of the Nest Cam, the associated cloud and the like. For example, facial recognition on the Nest Cam IQ only works with a subscription. However: Live streaming, activity warning, person warning, interacting via audio and zooming also work without the monthly or annual payments. This means that if the surveillance cameras are not working properly, you can get away with regular payments. Details on the features that are possible with and without a subscription can be found on the Amazon product pages.

Nest app download for iOS and Android

The manufacturer Nest has a corresponding app for Android smartphones and tablets as well as Android Wear smartwatches in the Google Play Store. In addition, you can also download an app from the App Store or iTunes for Apple devices with iOS or watchOS such as iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch:

Suitable for: Nest Protect 2 smoke alarm for the HomeKit Smart Home

Conclusion and your opinion

With the Nest Cam surveillance cameras you bring security and mobile surveillance into your smart home. The outdoor camera has been on sale at Amazon since the end of 2016, the other two models presented since 2017. They are therefore new surveillance cameras that are definitely equipped with modern technology and the latest software and that transmit wirelessly over the home network and then over the Internet and the appropriate app to forward information about what is going on in your home. What do you think? Do you prefer to pay more for decent quality and up-to-date infrastructures that ward off hackers and other attacks? Or are you still looking for a cheap option? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic!

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