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20 May 2021

20 years of the Apple Store - 9to5Mac presents AR tour in the first store

For 20 years now, Apple has not only sold its own products through third-party dealers and the Internet, but also in its own locations. On May 19, 2001, the technology giant from Cupertino opened the first two stores [...]
6 April 2017
Stanley Kubrick Movies, Movies by Stanly Kubrik, watch online, watch, watch, download, DVD Blu-Ray Box, Stream

Stanley Kubrick Films: Cinema classics from Lolita through 2001 to Clockwork Orange

Stanley Kubrick Films by Lolita and Dr. Strange about 2001, Barry Lyndon and Shining to Full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut are all narrative and cinematic masterpieces. In addition to the well-known films and the [...]
27 February 2017
Space Movies List, List of the Best Movies Sci Fi Scifi, Moon, Mars, Spaceship, ISS, Space Movies Stream Space Movies DVD Box

The best space films of all time: films set in space

The list of the best space films, i.e. films that take place in space, includes not only Star Wars or Star Trek, but also and above all the film that is visually and in terms of its effects [...]