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18. October 2021

Apple October Event 2021: AirPods 3, MacBook Pro and somehow HomePod mini

Today, Monday, October 18.10.2021th, 19, the Apple October Keynote took place from 00:50 p.m. local time. Although this only lasted XNUMX minutes, a lot of information was conveyed. It was effectively only about the topics [...]
18. October 2021

Recent MacBook Pro Rumors: Notch, RAM, and Hard Drive Size

Before new products from Cupertino are presented this evening as part of the Apple October Keynote 2021, there are a few more rumors. Above all, the new models of the MacBook Pro revolve around [...]
18. October 2021

Watch Apple October Keynote 2021 live: Here's how!

The Apple October Keynote 2021 will take place today, and you can follow it live over the Internet. There are various sources that you can tap into, such as the Apple website or YouTube. In this guide you will find [...]
13. October 2021

MacBook Pro Leak: Are these the specs of the M1X model?

The Apple October Keynote 2021 will take place next week. Among other things, the new models of the Apple MacBook Pro will then be presented. Both the 14-inch and the 16-inch display are said to have the new M1X chip [...]
13. October 2021

When can I order / buy the new M1X MacBook Pro?

Yesterday Apple announced its October keynote. As part of the new special event, the presentation of new MacBook Pro models is expected. These should not only bring a 14-inch and a 16-inch screen, but also due to the M1X chip [...]
12. October 2021

Apple October Keynote 2021: Date for the special event

After this year's September keynote it was clear that Apple would also hold a special event in October. Because new MacBook models and in this context not least the new operating system macOS [...]
27. September 2021

Apple October Event 2021: Everything that is (likely) to come

In August we already summarized which products we expect when Apple celebrates its traditional keynote autumn. In the same month we oracle that there would be not just one event, but several presentations again. [...]
17. September 2021

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 37, 2021

The first Apple product presentation this fall was behind us in the form of the “California Streaming” special event. But of course other exciting things happened this week. That's why you will find a well-filled Sir [...]
April 20, 2021

Apple Event - Keynote Summary on April 20, 2021

The broadcast of the latest Apple keynote is over. As usual, here is my summary of the news from Cupertino. Apple has announced new features for the Apple Card and Apple Podcasts. There is also the iPhone [...]
April 19, 2021

Apple's “Spring loaded” event: Will there be any new iMac models tomorrow?

Will the first iMac models with “Apple Silicon” SoC hit the market tomorrow? At its April 2021 event, will Apple not only offer a new iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil 3 and the AirTags, but also the [...]