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29 April 2022
Europol call fraud

Fraud: Fake call from Europol about misuse of my ID card

This is the second time I've received a call that appears to be about stealing personal information. It started with my iPhone ringing and a German cell phone number - in my [...]
19 June 2021
The business directory in question has an estimated number of visitors of less than 100 per month. That's a joke in itself if it weren't so expensive.

Caution: Yellow Pages fraud through proof sheets by email and PDF

For my customers in the area of ​​search engine optimization, I always carry out free yellow pages entries. As a rule, nobody looks up these business directories, but the links to the domains help a little, so that the customer pages [...]
1 March 2021
Of course, this email did not come from the Sparkasse, but was sent by fraudsters who would like to get the Sparkasse access data.

Attention: very well camouflaged Sparkasse phising mail on the subject of S-PushTAN on the go

When I get email from banks, I usually assume it's spam or phishing. Hardly any bank still relies on e-mails when it comes to communicating with customers, if you [...]
9 December 2020
Warning of all-inclusive phishing mail

Phishing warning: ALL-INKL webmail email is not genuine

It's been a while since I issued the last phishing alert. That in itself is a good sign, because the hosters are more and more eager to receive these emails from [...]
16 August 2020
My experience: Bought a used iPhone Xr at Flip4Shop

iPhone Xr bought used at Flip4Shop - my experiences

So far, my daughter has wandered the world without a smartphone. With the start of the 5th grade, however, she is so far advanced in our view that she needs a cell phone to communicate with classmates. [...]
19 May 2020

Phishing via Amazon fake: "An attempt was made to access your user account"

Once again there is a message from the area of ​​phishing, because I received an email that night that allegedly came from Amazon. The sender name is Security Center and the subject contains "New message!", A [...]
20 April 2020

"PP Customer Service" - New phishing email on behalf of PayPal

A few days ago, PayPal changed the terms of use and terms and conditions, which is currently used by fraudsters to send phishing emails. A scam email also landed in my mailbox. She reveals how already so [...]
14 March 2020
Hacker seeks job post picture

Hacker looking for a job: does professional hacker team have to apply for HARTZ IV soon?

There are good hackers who make things and the world better. And then there are the bad hackers who break other people's things, spy on people, blackmail people, and do similar things. And last […]
6 March 2020
Beware: phishing mail from Sparkasse

Caution: Sparkasse phishing emails are in circulation

Yesterday I received a new variant of phishing emails. This time the sender is supposed to be the Sparkasse, with which I actually had an account until recently. The subject is in the [...]