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11. February 2020
Wetransfer phishing - this is how you recognize the fraud

Caution: Wetransfer phishing emails are in circulation

Actually, with the 30 to 40 e-mails that I receive from spammers and fraudsters every day, I am practiced in recognizing dubious e-mails. Nevertheless, another phishing email managed to get my attention today [...]
5. February 2020

Email warning from the lawyer? That could be phishing!

You have received an email from a real law firm that deals with a warning, fines, payments and the like? This is most likely a fraud that is supposed to be used to steal your data [...]
27. January 2020

Warning, WhatsApp scam! DO NOT pass on verification code!

If you receive a code for WhatsApp verification via SMS without being asked and are asked to enter it on a website - then do NOT do this! You should also not give him any contacts, regardless of whether they are known or [...]
22. January 2020

Attention, new PayPal phishing! (Short message)

Earlier this month I pointed out a phishing email sent on behalf of PayPal. In the corresponding post I also showed you how to expose the mail as a fraud and that [...]
9. January 2020

Apple invoice for an App Store purchase that was not made? Beware of fraud!

In addition to PayPal (see here), Apple is once again one of the names that are misused for data theft. According to the Lower Saxony police, there is currently a fake Apple invoice in circulation via e-mail, which concerns a [...]
31 JULY 2019

Chef scam costs millions: E-mail fraudsters pretend to be superiors

Using stolen data to ask employees to send a list of customers or to make a larger payment directly - these are some of the tricks used by fraudsters who want to steal information and money from companies. In addition to phishing and Trojan mails, [...]
2. November 2018

Blackmail with Bitcoin address: Caught on a porn website or "just" a scam?

A few days ago I received an email that initially puzzled me: In the first line was "I changed your password - password123" (actual password), where a password was actually mentioned, [...]
12. March 2018

Mac sales fraud despite PayPal and seller protection

As I recently read on Macwelt, there was probably a case of particularly brazen fraud among their readership: A woman sold her Apple MacBook for almost 1.000 euros via eBay classifieds and also found a [...]