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April 1, 2021

Today's anniversary: ​​45 years of Apple

On April 1, 2021, Apple will be 45 years old. On April 1st, 1976 it was founded as a computer company by the now world-famous Steves named Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. To celebrate the [...]
31 December 2020

Jony Ive: The Apple design genius

With “Jony Ive: The Apple Design Genius”, Leander Kahney provided a biography of the then Apple employee and chief designer of the Cupertino group in 2014. On 368 pages and in 13 chapters there are biographical details as well as [...]
25 December 2020

Tim Cook: The genius that continues Apple's success story

With "Tim Cook: The genius that continues Apple's success story", Leander Kahney provided a kind of biography about the current Apple boss in 2019. After reading the official Steve Jobs biography, the content of this book may seem a bit [...]
24 December 2020

Steve Jobs: The Authorized Bio of the Apple Founder

With "Steve Jobs: The Authorized Biography of the Apple Founder" Walter Isaacson has published the first and only work that not only traces Steve Jobs' life, but was also fueled with information by himself. The bestseller appeared [...]
7. January 2016
Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs - The 2015 movie. Is it worth watching?

Of course, Steve Jobs' life story is of particular interest to an apple knight - but a transfigured and unreflective narrative is not very interesting. All the more gratifying that Danny Boyle's "Steve Jobs" is now a cinematic biography (and soon (2015/2016) [...]