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31. March 2021
Recover iCloud data

How can I restore iCloud?

Most Mac or iPhone users feel safe when using iCloud, thinking that this data cannot go away. In practice, however, this sometimes happens and then the horror [...]
April 10, 2018
Strange clipboard behavior on Mac? The solution to your problem could be found here.

Mac: clipboard with copy and paste no longer works

Some functions are used so naturally on the Mac that at first one is very puzzled when they no longer work. For example, the "copy and paste" function in my calendar today. I have myself, […]
4. September 2013
Week numbers in iCal

Week numbers in the Mac OS X calendar

I have just received another request from a customer whether I would have time in week 38 to make an appointment. So on to the Mac calendar (which is no longer iCal [...]
7 JULY 2013
suspicious iOS calendar invitation

Suspicious calendar invitations on iPhone

For a few days now I've been getting strange invitations every day in my iOS calendar on the iPhone. Some people who are completely unknown to me invite me to use their calendar. The exact wording then includes, for example, [...]