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16. December 2021

Powerbank hand warmer combination for winter 2021/22 (Pick KW50)

The coldest days of the current winter are probably still ahead of us. If you are looking for a hand warmer or pocket warmer, you will find a suitable selection here. The models presented can also be used as a power bank, [...]
3. December 2021

Learn to program: give away a Raspberry Pi set for Christmas

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a very compact, but very powerful mini-computer. The finished Raspberry board, which you can buy for your own expansions, programming projects and the like, offers many opportunities for tinkering and learning to program. Therefore [...]
1. December 2021

Learn to program: give away an Arduino set for Christmas

The Arduino board and the components that can be combined with it are ideal if you or someone around you wants to program a device with sensors. Your own alarm system, an automatic system for watering flowers, a weather station with automatic data transmission or [...]
17. December 2020
Simbrix building blocks now available in Germany

Simbrix now available in Germany - last-minute Christmas present for kids

I bought the first pack of Simbrix a few years ago when my kids were still totally in love with iron-on beads. At that time I had no idea that at some point I would actually be married to Ms. Simbrix, but [...]
16. December 2019

Christmas gift tips for children 2019

As the dad of two children (9 and 11 years old) I have been looking for suitable Christmas gifts for a while and would like to show you my selection of presents that I liked. [...]
16. December 2019
Last minute gifts for nerds

Last Minute Christmas Presents for Nerds 2019

You won't believe it, but next week is already Christmas. If you're currently looking for last-minute gifts for nerds, gadget freaks and technology fans, you've come to the right place. From games to light-emitting devices to meditation aids, [...]
13. December 2019

Christmas gifts for movie nerds and series junkies

Watching films, singing series, going to the cinema with the annual ticket and hanging out on all day - you know someone who does that? Then you will find the right Christmas gifts here! Regardless of whether […]