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28. November 2018
Suitable gift idea for Christmas 2017 for small and large wallets

(Update!) Last minute Christmas presents for Christmas 2018

Christmas is around the corner. If you are still looking for last minute Christmas presents for boyfriend or girlfriend, for mom or dad, then you've come to the right place. Here you will find gifts for him and her from [...]
28. November 2018

Star Wars Cookbooks - Recipes from a galaxy far, far away

"Once upon a time there was a galaxy far, far away ..." - if the endorphins jump between the synapses at the beginning of this sentence, you can be happy. For the enjoyable time in Advent, for [...]
23. December 2016
Sir Apfelot's Christmas wishes 2016

Thanks to all readers!

The time before Christmas is always a good time to think a little about the past year. Yesterday I was on a winter walk in the forest and was thinking about what to do with my [...]
6. December 2016

Star Wars ice cube mold: also ideal as a baking mold and for chocolate or pralines

Celebrate New Year's Eve with Star Wars ice cubes or give away chocolate in the form of R2-D2, Darth Vader, the Millennium Falcon or a Stormtrooper for Christmas - all this and much more is available with [...]
31. October 2016
hex bug 50112401 battle spider

Hexbug Battle Spider Twin Pack: Toys for big and small robot fans

Spider robots for Christmas may not please everyone, but technology freaks and friends of robot battles can let off steam with the Battle Spider devices from Hexbug. The visually appealing Battle Spider robots can be [...]
25. October 2016
eiffel tower 3d puzzle metal kit

3D Puzzle Eiffel Tower: The landmark of Paris in 3D for your home

For Francophiles and all other lovers of the city of Paris, the Eiffel Tower is not just any building or sight, but the symbol of the city of love. In addition to smaller souvenirs from the Paris excursion, such as [...]