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13 December 2019

Christmas gifts for movie nerds and series junkies

Watching films, singing series, going to the cinema with the annual ticket and hanging out on IMDb.com all day - you know someone who does that? Then you will find the right Christmas gifts here! Regardless of whether […]
13 May 2019

Apple Mac: CD eject not working? That's how it's done!

You have a CD or DVD in the drive / SuperDrive of your Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook, but it cannot be ejected? Then there are some tricks to make them safe and without [...]
12 October 2018

DVD tip + raffle: “Works of art from holiday photos 5” by Pavel Kaplun

Long gone are the days when you looked at black and white photos in creaky photo albums or boxes of discolored Polaroids in order to remember the moments captured. Today pretty much anyone can [...]
24 April 2018

External USB-C DVD and Blu-Ray burners for Apple Mac / MacBook

With the current models of Apple MacBook, Mac and iMac, you have to get used more and more to the fact that the peripherals and additional devices are connected via USB Type C. The universal plug, which is also used on the Apple computer [...]
9 December 2016
Now available for pre-order on Amazon: The Walking Dead DVD box with seasons 1 to 6 (Photo: Amazon).

The Walking Dead DVD Box Season 1 - 6 - pre-order now!

Around 2003, Robert Kirkman had the idea for a story about a zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead was initially published monthly in the form of a comic at Image Comics until the decision was made to also make a series [...]
17 March 2014
Imprint DVD aspect ratio

DVD resolution - how many pixels does a DVD have?

Question: What is the resolution of DVDs? Are there any differences between a normal DVD and a 16: 9 DVD? Answer: The standard resolution of a DVD is set to 720 x 576 pixels (WxH). The fact that some [...]
23 October 2013
Star Trek Into Darkness DVD

Star Trek "Into Darkness" available on DVD and Blu-ray

It took a while, but now I've seen the latest Star Trek movie with young Kirk. "Into Darkness" is astonishingly enough in Germany too - it's good that [...]
5 September 2013
Icon film

The top 20 films in the IMDB charts - in German!

Today I looked at the [IMDB database-> imdb] and fished out the films that were rated the best by the users. A small IMDB chart list came out, which I would like to present here. [...]
5 June 2013
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

Do I need a burning program for the iMac?

One question I have been asked today is this: Do I need a burning program for my iMac? This is (as always) not easy to answer with yes or no, but for normal use the [...]
28 January 2013
Cyberlink Power2Go DVD burning program

Cyberlink Power2Go: Burn films from the GoPro Hero to DVD

The recordings with the [Actioncam-> actioncam] from [GoPro-> gopro-hero-3] are impressive. And they are particularly successful if you use the manufacturer's new flagship: the [GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition-> gopro-hero-3-black] - equipped with a brilliant [...]