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2 May 2017
Power bank for Apple Smartwatch Amazon

Apple Watch Powerbank: Mobile energy for the smartwatch

If you are on the go and your day is longer than 18 hours, then an Apple Watch Powerbank for the Smartwatch from Cupertino can be useful. Small models for one-time charging of the Apple Watch [...]
1 May 2017
AUKEY Powerbank PB-N15 20000 mAh review test report

Experience report: AUKEY PB-N15 20.000 mAh power bank in the test

In April 2017 I put the AUKEY PB-N15 power bank with AIPower technology, 20.000 mAh capacity and a low price to a test on Amazon. On a trip to, through and from New Zealand I found the connect test winner [...]
3 February 2017
MacBook Powerbank USB C Pro 2016 external battery mAh capacity Wh Volt battery capacity Apple

Powerbanks with USB-C connection for MacBook and MacBook Pro 2016 (Updated!)

The MacBook Pro 2016 comes with a USB-C port and is therefore perfect for charging with a power bank, i.e. an external battery, on the go. Which power bank for the MacBook and the MacBook Pro 2016 [...]
9 November 2016
powerbank cheaper amazon lightning offer mobile battery external battery iphone smartphone ipad

Amazon lightning offer: Powerbank with 22.400 mAh for only 18,99 euros!

At Amazon you can currently get a power bank with an incredible 22.400 mAh for only 18,99 euros for a short time only. The part with three connections usually costs a good 29,99 euros. If you look at the one below [...]