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5 April 2021
Mac app: CPU stress test

Mac app: "CPU Stress Test" takes care of the processor load and drains the battery

Some time ago I had a report in which I described how I can empty the battery of my M1 MacBook Pro halfway quickly. That was quite cumbersome and in retrospect only [...]
15 November 2019

Macs Fan Control regulates the fan speed on iMac, MacBook and Mac Pro

The Macs Fan Control app is used to read temperature sensors on the Apple Mac and not only to view the fan speeds, but also to control them. The software can be downloaded and installed for both macOS and Windows. [...]
25 July 2019

Heat wave - this is how people and MacBook stay cool

There are currently numerous reports and news on the subject of weather. This is no coincidence in summer 2019, but rather from stressful heat waves with temperatures up to or above 40 ° C. Who at the same in the office [...]
17 January 2014
SSD fan control

After installing the SSD: the fan in the iMac runs continuously at full speed

After upgrading their Apple iMacs with an SSD, some people have the problem that the fan turns up to full speed after a few minutes and is constantly ventilating at full speed - that is quite loud [...]