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24 May 2022

Until May 26: Discount on Pitaka accessories for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Co.

Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow you can get various Pitaka products with a discount of up to 25%. Included are cases for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, charging stations and holders for the car, bracelets for the Apple […]
14 October 2021
Arc Pulse Design Case iPhone Test

Arc Pulse - an extraordinary iPhone case put to the test

A long time ago I had a blog post about crowdfunding the Arc Pulse. At that time it was not quite clear whether the project would actually find enough supporters to enable it to be produced. [...]
6 October 2021

iPhone 13 Pro Max case - the best phone cases to choose from

Do you still need an iPhone 13 Pro Max case to protect your new Apple smartphone from 2021 from scratches and bumps? Then you are right here! Because here you will find the practical accessories in various [...]
6 October 2021

iPhone 13 Pro Case - Good protective cases for the Pro model

With this guide we offer you a goal on the way to a new iPhone 13 Pro case. Because here you will find the right protective cover for the "small" Pro model of the Apple smartphone from 2021. The [...]
6 October 2021

iPhone 13 mini case - An overview of the best mobile phone cases

If you are looking for an iPhone 13 mini case for the small Apple smartphone with 5,4-inch display, you will find a large selection here. Because in the following I have you iPhone 13 mini cases of different brands and designs [...]
6 October 2021

iPhone 13 Case - You should definitely check out these protective cases

When looking for an iPhone 13 case, you will find many models from different manufacturers. Most smartphone cases are compatible with MagSafe and can also be attached to brackets. In this […]
26 September 2021
In the test: Ringke Fusion iPhone 13 Pro Max MagSafe case

Ringke Fusion Magnetic in the test: transparent MagSafe case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max

As a rule, I always order a matching case with the new iPhone as soon as possible, because I drop the device somewhere every few days. Or it slips out of the pocket in which it [...]
31 August 2021

For a limited time only: Pitaka products with discounts of up to 20%

The accessories manufacturer Pitaka has a discount offer for iPhone cases, an Apple Watch bracelet and two charging stations from today until September 2, 2021. One of them even has a removable power bank for mobile use. [...]
5 August 2021

Customize the iPhone: Here's how!

The Apple iPhone and many other smartphones always have a similar look: a more or less rounded cuboid with a display on the front and camera (s) on the back. You can quickly find the devices in the [...]
25 May 2021

Pitaka promotion: iPhone and iPad cases and charging station with a discount of up to 25%

From today and until May 31, 2021, a Pitaka campaign is running on Amazon. There, the manufacturer offers various products for device cases, charging accessories and holders with discounts of up to 25%. Underneath are shells [...]