Loupe Deck Plus

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26th of June 2019

Loupedeck + now with Camera Raw for Photoshop

The Loupedeck console, reminiscent of a mixer, for photo editing, image editing and video editing is now integrated in the current version Loupedeck + with Camera Raw for Photoshop. As announced by the Finnish manufacturer Loupedeck, the integration of [...]
21. September 2018

Loupedeck + and Adobe Premiere Pro CC - video editing with the switcher

The Finnish company Loupedeck has announced that their current mixer, Loupedeck +, is now also compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. By integrating the app for video editing on the Apple Mac or Windows PC, [...]
28th of June 2018

Loupedeck + - New console for image editing on Mac and PC

The Finnish company Loupedeck recently officially presented the second version of the image editing console of the same name and published details on features and compatibility. Information and data on Loupedeck +, Loupedeck Plus or, by some, also called Loupedeck 2 [...]