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12 March 2021

Mac and iPhone: 3 free eBooks by Anton Ochsenkühn

Anton Ochsenkühn is a big player in the German Apple community when it comes to manuals and instructions. We have already presented and extensively reviewed his books here on the blog. Anyone looking to get started with a system [...]
5 January 2021

Affinity Publisher: Workbook and Manuals

With Affinity Publisher from Serif there is an affordable app for desktop publishing (DTP) that competitors such as B. Adobe InDesign can certainly compete. If you want to implement your ideas with the software, then [...]
22 December 2020

Update: What happened to the SwiftUI book?

About a year ago, the blog was about crowdfunding for “Entry into SwiftUI”, the first German-language book on Apple's UI framework. What has become of it? Has the funding target been achieved? And can one [...]
9 October 2020

macOS 11.0 Big Sur manuals for beginners and users

With macOS Big Sur, a new operating system comes to the Apple Mac. After several Mac OS X versions, macOS 11.0 heralds the era of ARM chips. But not only on new Mac, iMac and MacBook models [...]
9 October 2020
iPad Manual for iPadOS 14

Book tip: iPad manual with 5 hours of video content for iPadOS 14

Anton Ochsenkühn from amac-buch Verlag has kindly provided me with review copies for years, which I work through and present on my blog. Rest assured: I also receive books from other publishers and authors who are not in [...]
26 May 2020
Test report on the Soundfreaq Pocket Kick

In the test: the Pocket Kick from Soundfreaq - my smallest Bluetooth speaker

The manufacturer Soundfreaq gave me their little Bluetooth speaker called "Pocket Kick" for a test. Apart from very tiny Bluetooth boxes that are the size of a matchbox (and have a similar sound), the Soundfreaq [...]
11 December 2019

Crowdfunding for the first German SwiftUI book

"SwiftUI for beginners" or "Entry into SwiftUI" - this could be the name of the first German-language book on Apple's UI framework. There is currently a crowdfunding campaign so that it can be completed and later bought by interested parties. In [...]
19 November 2019
macOS Catalina Manual - Seeing and Ability

Book tip: "macOS Catalina - seeing and being able to" by Philip Kiefer

A few days ago I received the freshly printed macOS Catalina manual from Markt + Technik Verlag. In the series "Bild für Bild", in which this book was also published, the publisher publishes further instructions on operating systems or [...]
18 October 2019
macOS Catalina - The standard work on Apple's operating system - one of the new premium video books from amac-buch Verlag (Photos: Sir Apfelot).

Book tip: macOS Catalina manual - texts, screenshots and videos in combination

Today I received the first macOS Catalina manual (a list of Catalina books here). The macOS standard work by Anton Ochsenkühn has now been updated for the new operating system and comes with a special surprise [...]
16 October 2019

macOS Catalina manuals and guides

At the beginning of October 2019, Apple released macOS 10.15 Catalina as the Mac operating system. If you consider yourself a beginner with regard to Mac or as a switch with regard to macOS 10.15, a few manuals and instructions [...]