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26 April 2022
Scam attempt with fake Apple Support site - Phishing or other scam disguised as Apple Support

Sometimes strange things happen. For example, I just wanted to go to, type in the domain in the browser and land on a page that tells me that I have a "popup adware virus" on my [...]
10 September 2021

Fake email: "Customer Service of the Sparkasse" informs about the Tan process

This morning I received an email that Apple Mail had pre-sorted into the spam folder as a precaution. That surprised me, because it apparently came from the savings bank and provided information on the Tan process. It was both [...]
12 April 2021

Warning against fake SMS: Parcel tracking message dangerous for Android and iOS

After several million data records were stolen from users on Facebook, LinkedIn and Clubhouse, there is now a flood of fake SMS messages in German-speaking countries. In these a package is announced, its dispatch is shown or the [...]
10 April 2021
Amazon security alert phishing

Warning: Amazon security alert email is a phishing email

Today I received an email again, about which I would like to give you a warning. The sender is "Customer Service" and the subject is "Amazon Security Alert". The content of the mail is also designed as [...]
1 March 2021
Of course, this email did not come from the Sparkasse, but was sent by fraudsters who would like to get the Sparkasse access data.

Attention: very well camouflaged Sparkasse phising mail on the subject of S-PushTAN on the go

When I get email from banks, I usually assume it's spam or phishing. Hardly any bank still relies on e-mails when it comes to communicating with customers, if you [...]
9 December 2020
Warning of all-inclusive phishing mail

Phishing warning: ALL-INKL webmail email is not genuine

It's been a while since I issued the last phishing alert. That in itself is a good sign, because the hosters are more and more eager to receive these emails from [...]
19 May 2020

Phishing via Amazon fake: "An attempt was made to access your user account"

Once again there is a message from the area of ​​phishing, because I received an email that night that allegedly came from Amazon. The sender name is Security Center and the subject contains "New message!", A [...]
20 April 2020

"PP Customer Service" - New phishing email on behalf of PayPal

A few days ago, PayPal changed the terms of use and terms and conditions, which is currently used by fraudsters to send phishing emails. A scam email also landed in my mailbox. She reveals how already so [...]
11 March 2020

MasterCard email: card blocked or just phishing?

Lately there have been an increasing number of phishing attempts by fraudsters who try to steal data from a wide variety of target groups via widely distributed e-mails. The last time here in the blog was about phishing emails allegedly from