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13 April 2022

Shared memory and unified memory: differences, advantages and disadvantages

A so-called main memory is used when individual hardware components in a computer, smartphone, tablet or other device work together with processors and other components. This main memory, sometimes also main memory or RAM (Random Access Memory) […]
5 January 2022

Activity Monitor on Mac - How to Use It and What It Shows

With the activity display on the Mac, CPU-consuming processes can be identified, the RAM requirements of individual apps can be viewed, network activities can be monitored and other data can be viewed. With the app you can get an overview of what is happening in macOS [...]
14 January 2021
The Usage app could be used to check that almost 30% RAM was free.

Tip: Clear the RAM of the iPhone and iPad in 5 seconds

There are people (including my children) who think that you have to swipe up all the apps in the app switcher every few hours so that the iPhone uses less power. The idea prevails that [...]
25 February 2019

iMac Retina 5K 2017 upgrade memory (RAM) - with video instructions

A reader recently asked me which Apple iMac I would currently recommend to buy. My recommendation is the Apple iMac 5K with Retina display and Fusion Drive from 2017. However, you can find this at the [...]
26 May 2017

Upgrade iMac RAM: Expand RAM in models 2012-2015

Upgrading the iMac memory is not that difficult on most models. If you want to expand the RAM of the Apple desktop computer, you will find the appropriate steps and recommended DIMM bars in this guide. Because […]
9 July 2015
2x 8 GB RAM from Crucial

Instructions with video: How to upgrade the RAM on the iMac 5K Retina yourself

Do you want to expand the RAM for your iMac cheaply? This is a good decision that you probably made at the checkout. Because more memory and more powerful components make a big difference in the Apple Store, [...]