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3. January 2022

Startup Options for Apple Silicon Macs - Keyboard shortcuts for startup

On the Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook there is the possibility to call up some special system modes by pressing certain keys when starting. However, these differ between Apple computers with Intel processors and the newer models with in-house [...]
17. February 2021

Mac error: Could not create a preboot volume for APFS

The error message “A preboot volume for APFS could not be created” or “Preboot volume for APFS installation could not be created” can appear on the Apple Mac if something goes wrong with the macOS reinstallation. The error means that there is no system environment [...]
6. November 2020
Mac in recovery mode

Reader question: Will the hard drive be erased in recovery mode on the Mac?

Today my reader Franz wrote me a question that I would never have thought of because the answer is so clear to me. For beginners on the Mac it seems to be less of a matter of course what happens in [...]
21. May 2020

Mac error: The recovery server could not be reached

If you z. For example, if you want to install an operating system using the Apple Mac's recovery mode, the error The recovery server could not be reached may occur. There are various reasons for this and accordingly [...]
19. November 2018
Mac in recovery mode

Start Mac in Recovery Mode (Mac Recovery Mode)

If nothing works on the Apple computer, the last upgrade made macOS badly lame or another, larger error occurs, then it can be worthwhile to start the Mac in recovery mode. The so-called "Recovery Mode" [...]