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26. May 2017

SD card designations: What are Class, SDHC, SDXC, UHS, I, A, V and Co.?

Such an SD card, which is used as a memory card in the camera, a smartphone, tablet or other device, is full of names, abbreviations and symbols. But what do the signs, symbols and numbers on the [...]
9. January 2017
Etcher Download Image to USB Stick Burn SD Card Mac program download free for free

Image files on SD card and USB stick: Etcher from for Mac

The Mac program Etcher helps you to burn system images - i.e. image files - on an SD card or a USB stick under OS X or macOS. The first for internal use by [...]
18 JULY 2016
Amazon Video content on memory card

Amazon Prime and Amazon Video content can now also be saved on an SD card

Streaming offers are arguably the best thing that has happened to movie and series fans after hard drive receivers in recent years and decades. To be honest, I myself no longer have "normal television" and only use Amazon Prime Video, [...]
5. August 2014
SD card write protection

Instructions: How can I remove the write protection from an SD card?

Question: I was sent an SD card with a used digital camera. Now I wanted to format the card on my computer and thus delete all existing photos of my previous owner. Unfortunately, I always get the message that [...]
7. November 2013
64 GB SDXC card from Transcend on offer

Transcend micro SDXC card with 64 GB class 10 with 39% discount

Currently there is a 64 GB [micro SDXC card-> micro-sdxc card] with SD card adapter at Amazon for 40,95 EUR and thus with a whole 39% discount. The card is a Class 10 SDXC card and therefore very good [...]
28. October 2013
Eye-Fi-Mobi card

New Eye-Fi mobi SD card transfers photos and films to iOS devices

The company [Eye-Fi-> eye-fi] is certainly already known to many photographers. The Eye-Fi SD cards called "Pro X2" were popular in the past to transfer photos or videos from the digital camera directly to the computer [...]
April 3, 2013
SanDisk SD card with 64 GB

Which SD card should I use with the Canon EOS 600D?

The selection of the SD card is less important in pure photography. In the video sector with the Full HD format, however, the transfer rate of the SD card is decisive for whether the Canon 600D can save the video data quickly enough. Takes [...]
23. January 2013
Lightning on SD card

Apple Lightning SD card reader - useful equipment for mobile photographers

An article in the [Macwelt-> macwelt] made me aware of an interesting adapter today. It is a cable that has a Lightning connector on one side and a slot on the other [...]
16 December 2012
iomega SuperHero docking station

iPhone backup with docking station: iomega SuperHero makes it possible

The iomega docking station called "SuperHero" is intended for the iPhone4 / 4s or the iPod Touch with the 30-pin dock connector. Accordingly, the device is not entirely new. What is new, however, is that the iPhone docking station has recently become quite [...]