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30 JULY 2019
Home surveillance without WiFi

Reader's question: Which camera can I use to monitor a person with dementia?

Today a reader asked which camera I would recommend if she would like to take a look into the kitchen of her mother-in-law, who is suffering from dementia. The aim of the "monitoring" is to ensure that the reader [...]
12. November 2018

Smartwatch for seniors: a large display and ease of use are important

The Apple Watch is not suitable for every target group of smartwatches. The many functions for communication, fitness, leisure and everyday life can, for example, appear overloaded and cumbersome for seniors. A simple operation on a [...]
27th of June 2017

Cut SIM card to Nano: loss of warranty on iPhone and iPad

In the iPhone and iPad from Apple, only nano SIM cards are used in the models of recent years. Those who still use a mini-SIM or micro-SIM are often tempted to [...]