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9 September 2015
Yoast logo

Deactivate warning messages from Yoast SEO WordPress plugin in the WP admin

Basically, I think the WordPress SEO plugin from "Yoast" is quite successful. I've installed it on most of my projects and I get on with it quite well. Only one thing annoys REALLY bad about the plugin: The [...]
23 March 2014
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Frame forwarding in HTML code

I currently have a customer page that I urgently want to redirect to the new page on the new hosting with a frame forwarding. The reason for this is that the old hosting is no longer working properly, I [...]
7 August 2013

.htaccess: Redirecting all URLs to the start page

Today I had to fill an old domain with a placeholder for a customer and drag all the content to a new domain. The background is a change because of the [search engine optimization of the website-> search engine optimization]. But that should [...]